CoachingAll human beings are born with a dream, which are there goals in their life. Attaining a goal is not that easy and hence there is a need for a clear and correct path for the easy attaining the goals. This easy attaining of the path can be achieved with the help of a coach and coaching. And so it is said that “coaching” is the practice of giving sufficient direction, instruction and training to a person or a group people, so as to achieve some goals or even in developing specific skills.Though coaching is a system of providing training, the method of coaching differs from person to person, aim or goals to be attained, and the areas needed. Still there are some common methods in coaching. They are essential part of an effective coaching. These common areas includes

  • Motivational speaking
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Supervised practice

Coaching can be either training a single person in specific field or a group of people in multitasking skills.


Coaching methods differ according to the need of the trainer. In order to decide the coaching methods the coach should know about the trainer’s aim or the goal, skills and drawbacks, training environment, training aids needed etc. Apart from all these, there are some methods which is used in all types of coaching.

While using different methods of coaching, the coach should keep in mind where he/ she is able to sustain the interest and motivation in the trainer for the desired goal. For this the efficient coaching includes the method of motivational speaking.

Motivational speaking is done by the coach at the time of coaching and hence the coach should also be a motivational speaker, who can make speeches professionally, intending to inspire and motivate his trainee. For this a trainer need not get any training certifications. The skill of public speaking is sufficient. In order to speak efficiently, the coach should know about the trainee completely.

Coaching methods includes both theoretical and practical sections. Where motivational speeches are done theoretically, workshop, seminars come under practical methods. Hence the method of training is decided depending on the need of the trainees. Coaching should always be systematical.

Coaching Fields

Coaching can be given in all the aspects of human life. Some of the area where coaching is given is

  • Education coaching
  • Sports coaching
  • Entertainment (arts, dance, music) coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • Life and personal development coaching
  • Systemic coaching
  • Confidence coaching

Each type of coaching is having its own aim and so the coaches differ according the needs of the trainees. Each area is having its own specialized coaches. There are even coaching centers of training coaches. Coaching should be effective and correct, then only the goal expected will be attained. The process of coaching is not aiming at the cure of psychological illness. It is the training and direction of the trainees to reach and attain their goals.

A coach is not a therapist, but a good trainer, friend, and a director.