Administration Coaching

Coaching is the training of a one-on-one, face-to-face teaching, learning, counseling relationship designed to develop job-related knowledge and skills and improve performance. This training involves a continuous flow of instructions, comments, and suggestions from coach to employee-listening, questioning, relating learning to the learner’s experience, and providing guided practice.

Administrators, managers and directors of all kinds of organizations are forced to play many roles and handle many tasks. So the importance of an Administration Coach is not less than any other coaching. An administration coach should be aware about the duties and the qualities, which an administrator should perform and processes inside and outside the organization.

Quality of an Administrator:

An administrator coach, apart from other types of coach, should pay his/her attention, in training the candidate to know more about the qualities they have to perform, rather than  following the rules and regulations of the job.The main aspect, which an effective administrator coach should take care is the developing of the leadership quality and ability in the candidate, because this is something which affect the climate of an organization and finally its effectiveness.

An Administrator:

“Administrators”, engage in a common set of functions to meet the organization’s goals. There are a lot for an administrator to perform with the employees, in order to bring a good result for their organization. And it is the administration coach’s role to give sufficient training to the growing administration personality to meet these requirements.

MOTIVATION: Among all the functions to be performed, “the motivation”, is the first thing which has to be concentrated. Therefore the coach should make clear about the role of motivating the employees, as the performance level of each and every employees of an organization can be brought to the highest through motivating them. Motivation helps in increasing the competency level. When the performance level is increased, the result attained will also be at the highest point.

In order to maintain these motivation and competency, which is said to be the organizational effectiveness, it’s important for the administrators to know their employees and how to improve or maintain their job satisfaction. At the time of administration coaching, more importance should be given to improve these qualities in the candidate, so as to make sure that he/ she will be an effective administrator in future.

RESPONSIBILITIES: “Responsibility” indicates the duties, which each one of an organization should perform for the growth of the organization. It is the duty of an administrator to assign the employees with the apt job for their profile. Hence the administrator should know about the abilities of the worker and his knowledge on the field. Hence an administrator should be trained in such a way that he should be able to analyze his employees efficiencies and responsibility quality.

ENVIRONMENT: An administrator should be able to provide a calm and relaxing environment to the employees, to make sure that they do work using their full efficiency. It’s a talent of the administrator to understand the needs of the employee for developing their working conditions.

For this the administrator should keep a good touch with the workers and here the role of “communication” takes place. Hence the administrator should be a good communicator also. Thus he understands the role of his employee, the mode of the work to be performed, the equipments needed for the work etc. Its through good and effective coaching, an administrator is able to develop all these abilities which should be followed.

There are a lot of administrative functions, for the administrator to concentrate. Under the administrative functions comes the handling and processing of information, grouped together to form a function or a department. Paying attention in office mechanization, that deals with the use of machines, equipment, processes and methods to make office work easier and eliminate manual labour, is the other field in which an administrator should concentrate. A coach should make clear about the information processing inside an organization, where data processing, word processing, reproduction, dissemination, recording and handling of information comes into.

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: The administrators hand should also reach to the extent of information management, where the functions performed are:

  • Cost accounting
  • Accounting records
  • Budgets

Knowledge of Administrative functions:

Under the knowledge of Administrative functions, comes out the real work and the talents, which an administrator should carry out in order to meet the organization’s goals. An administration coach should be aware about the needs and importance of these functional knowledge and carefully implement it to his trainees.

Planning: the stage where decision is taken in advance, with what to do? How to do it? When to do it? Who should do it? Planning helps in identifying the position of the organization, like ‘from where the organization is to where it wants to be’. Planning also helps in establishing the goals and arranging them in a logical order. Planning a skill, and a coach should try to improve the skills of planning in the trainees

Organization: it is the finding out of the responsibilities to be performed, and then scheduling it to the correct departments or divisions, so that it helps in specifying organizational relationships and achieving coordinating efforts among all the elements in the organization.

Staffing: – taking the decision of filling the job positions with the right people at the right time, determining staffing needs, job descriptions, recruiting and screening people.

Directing: leading the people in such a way that achieves the goals of the organization. Directing requires exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate people. This also needs the skill in balancing between the emphasis on staff needs and the production

Controlling: the function that evaluates the quality in all areas and detects potential or actual deviations from the organization’s plan. This helps in finding out the high-quality performance and satisfactory results. It also provides a problem-free environment.

Budgeting: implementing the budget plans through the application of budget controls


  • Master of business administration
  • Public administration
  • Central administration
  • Chief administrative officer