Aieee Coaching

The All India Engineering Entrance Examination is organized by the CBSE in India for the admission to various under-graduate courses in engineering and architecture. There fore an AIEEE coach should keep in mind the importance of the test or the examination, and hence the coaching given should be on the basis of the importance of the examination. The coach should know about the colleges where these tests are needed, about the subjects the candidate should concentrate, as for different options different are to be specialized.

For example the students opting for B.Tech or B.E. are tested in physics, mathematics and chemistry. So at the time of coaching more practice is give to these subjects. Even the students should also know about this matter, so that they can pay their attention to these subjects from the very first stage of their academic life. These knowledge can be acquired with the help of a good coach who is well know with all the aspects of an engineering examination.


The awareness about the examination will help the students, to meet the test with a tension free mind. This help the students to make their attempt for hopeful. They should given a clear picture about the mode of examination such as:

The duration of the test: 3hours

The maximum marks: 360

The equal weight age: 120 [for the three subjects]

The subjects for each option: for B.Arch the subjects mathematics and an aptitude test

The exam period: held at the end of April

The result announcement: at the end of May

The ranking base: candidates are ranked on an all India basis and also according to their state,      thus they have an All India Rank(AIR) and a state rank.

The largest admission exams in the world


It is better to give knowledge about the procedures of the exam. Such as all candidates are eligible for central counseling or state-specific or category- specific counseling on the basis of their AIR.

Here the exceptional students like very poor performance, are not eligible for the counseling. Counseling are not done together. Dates are fixed for each category of candidates. Candidates are divided according to their cast and religion. For example: the counseling for SC/ST physically handicapped candidates is done on the first two days of counseling and so on.

The changes of the pattern should be kept in notice, so that the candidates do not relay on the same pattern of the past. They prepare themselves for the changing pattern. They should know the thing that the patterns vary every year as declared by CBSE, who is the conducting authority of AIEEE. The level of the questions are of NCERT and the syllabus from class 11 and class 12. The questions asked in the AIEEE seek to test the conceptual clarity and the reasoning ability of the students.


  • After giving the basic knowledge about the examination to the students, then the coach should be sure of about the preparation of the candidate for the examination. For this there are some strategies for the smart preparation of the examination. Efficiently the coach, should train the candidate to understand these strategies.
  • The first and the foremost step in the preparation of the examination is to build a sound and feasible plan for your preparation. Here the entire time for the coaching is to be divided into reasonable time chart. While preparing the time chart the main thing to be kept in the mind is you should take the milestones in between into the consideration. Leave free times in between, this will help you to manage the plan without any change in the case of if any module gets delayed.
  • Develop a habit of studying and checking the previous year question papers, so that it will help you to trace out the most important topics and put them in your early stage of your preparation. This will also help the candidate to avoid the missing of the important topics at the time of preparation. Practice of reviewing your plan periodically will help you in finding out if there any lapses and how they can be covered up.
  • Make the students clear that “most of the failures take place not because the lack of the ability or intelligence in the students but because of the lack of desire, direction, proper planning, and discipline.
  • Give the students the idea and the need for strengthening the fundamentals, as most of the questions are based on fundamentals and their applications. Make a solid base by mastering the fundamentals. So you should be focused more to the topics and here comes the need and the help of an efficient coach or the trainer.
  • At the starting of each lessons you may feel a slow learning curve day by day, though same amount of time is spend for it. Here a good coach can give sufficient encouragements to the students and thus reduce the discourage in them. Remember them about the equal importance of all subjects, because every subjects have a minimum qualifying marks for passing. Hence the coach should pay attention to check whether the students are not ignoring any subjects and spending sufficient time to each subject.
  • Tell the importance of quality in performance to the students, because quality is more important than quantity. Make them about the fact that it is better to do 100 selective questions those 1000 carelessly selected questions. This is to sharpen the problem-solving skills. While practicing the problems, always try to do it by own and don’t hurry it to the trainer to get the solution. Help the students in studying the relevant theory again and paying attention to even finer points.
  • Make clear that directly entering to solution of the problem is not going to be a help unless you are sure with the theories. This will help you in developing the problem solving skills. Always keep a sketch of your speed in problem solving. Try to solve problems with in the correct time, and this is possible through practicing. So the coach should go on putting tests for the students which will help them to be familiar with the problem solving skills and this will also help them to avoid examination fear and pressure. It is these fear and pressure which creates small mistakes and leads to loss of marks.
  • Building up of the speed is the next important item in the examination. While building up the speed keep in mind that high speed with less accuracy will be harmful. So at the time of training the coach should pay attention in giving practice to them for developing there speed while maintaining the accuracy.
  • Under the smart preparation practice the last but the least factor is the knowledge about the selection of the questions. There are limitations to which you can improve your speed and the skill of strike rate. Beyond this comes the importance of the selection of questions. So success depends on how judiciously one is able to select the questions. For this one should practice the method of going through the easy questions at first and then to the difficult ones later.


Always keep in the mind that the pattern of the question paper is divided in to 3 categories. This knowledge will help the students to go through the paper from the easier question to the difficult once.

The 3 categories of a question paper are:

  • Easy Portion
  • Average Portion
  • Difficult Portion

The easy and average questions ensure selection whereas the difficult questions make the merit. The cut-off in most of the exams moves between 60-70%. You can score up to 70% marks easily by focusing the easy and average areas of the question paper. Do mention the students to ensure that the initial 2 hours of the examination time should be focused on easy and the average section of the question paper and then decide whether to move to difficult area or revise the attempted ones, in order to ensure the high strike rate.