Bank Clerical Exams


The bank clerical exams are for the post of the bank clerks as they are the persons in the bank who are involved in the money transaction of the bank. They will be involved in all the issues of the bank related to the money matters. They will guide the customers who are coming to them for the withdrawal or the deposition of there money. The entrance in this field is quite easy as compared to the bank PO exams as this field is having the low value as compared to the above one. The salary of the bank clerks are in the range of the 20,000 to 30,000. They will then get the promotion all according to there work. The student can get in to this jus t after clearing the 12th. The main aspects of the banks which attract the peoples towards it are the facilities which an employee will get in the bank is very good and very much as compared to any of eth other jobs.Bank Clerical Exams

The stages of the exam:

The bank clerical exam is also having the 2 stages as that of the bank po exam but it is quite easier as compared to the po exams. The written test tahtis the 1st stage is composed of the 5 sections of the subject-computers, English, aptitude, reasoning and the marketing skills of the persons who are appearing in the exam. Every bank will conduct there separate exams and all of them are also having eth separate criteria of selection and the exam pattern.

Coaching centre for the bank clerical exam:

There are several of the coaching centers all over the India which are involved in eth process of the providing eth best suitable guidance to the students who are willing to appear in the most reputed and the comfortable job tahtis of the bank. Here we will mention the coaching institutes of 4 metro cities of ours.


The best coaching centre are in this city as-

  • Edu planet: they provide the best teachers and the best study material to there students and the get the results as well very good.
  • Kareer smart
  • Teach well institute
  • Pravideep institute


The main coaching institutes of the Kolkata are-

· Das coaching institute

· TSA Coaching classes


The main coaching institutes of the city are as follows:

· Appolo coaching institute: result oriented coaching institute.

· AXOM academy

· Bank postal coaching

· Bank coachings


As we all know that the all the crowd from all over the India will move to the Mumbai for all the things as well as the education so the city is the hub of education also. The several coaching institutes of the Mumbai for the bank clerical exams are as follows:

· IFAM bank pop and bank clerk coaching classes

· Bright banking: they are the best in the city as they will provide eth best suitable guidance to the students regarding the exams.

· Ram charandas coaching institute

· Lakshya academy

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