Baseball Coaching

Baseball on the professional, amateur, and youth level is very much popular in America and parts of East Asia and southeast Asia. The consensus of historians is that it evolved from earlier bat and ball games, such as rounder, brought to the continent by British and Irish immigrants. The game is sometimes referred to as hardball in contrast to the very similar game of softball.

A popular game such as baseball should have an efficient coach who knows every thing about the game. The coaching should begin with giving the general ideas about the game which includes the details about:  “number of teams played at a time, number of the members which make a team, the authorities or the officials or the umpires, and the basic rules and regulations needed for playing the game”.

Baseball Coaching Information

The training section should start with giving a general idea or information about the game. Some of the general information which has to be given includes:

  • Baseball a game played between two teams
  • 9 players in each of the teams, total 18 players
  • Usually 9 players are there on the baseball field
  • Under the control of the authority
  • There are one or more officials, called umpires
  • There are 4 to 6 umpires league game, depending on the league and the importance of the game
  • 4 bases
  • About the grounds, positions
  • Fields and its division: the playing fields are divided into three main sections the infield, the outfield and foul territory

While giving the basic knowledge about the game, do mention down about the playing field also.

The Infield, containing the four bases is for general defensive purposes bounded by the foul lines and within the grass line

The Outfield is the grassed area beyond the infield grass line between the foul lines, and bounded by a wall or fence

The Foul territory is the entire area outside the foul lines

Moreover, the description of the general information should also include the positions of the players, innings, runs, little league etc


Different from other games, in baseball there a number of coaches for the smooth functioning of a team. There is a manager or head of the coach, who is assisted by another number of coaches The manager or head coach, determines the lineup and decides how to substitute players during the game. Apart from the manager, there are more that half dozen coaches assist the manager for the running the team. It is only in this game the manager and coaches wear numbered uniforms similar to those of the players

At the training time, a coach should make clear to the players about the positions, a coach should take at the time of playing. The importance of these positions are to signal and direct the runners and batters. They are having different names and positions as first base coach and third base coach respectively.


There are some responsibilities for the coaches like communicating quickly and accurately signal to a base runner whether he should attempt to score on a batted ball.

Even these coaches have other responsibilities outside of in game situations, which is not uncommon for one of these coaches to serve as the team’s outfield instructor, infield instructor or as a base running instructor.

For the smooth functioning of the team, again there are a lot more coaches for training the players. The different types of coaches are:

  • A pitching coach
  • A  hitting coach
  • A  bullpen coach
  • A catching instructor

The duty of the pitching coach is to mentors and trains pitchers,Where as the hitting coach works with players to improve their hitting techniques and form

A bullpen coach is similar to a pitching coach but works primarily with relief pitchers in the bullpen. The catching instructor advises the catchers in the team.

Even though there are this much coaches for training the team, still the head of the team employ special instructors for the training of defense and base running. Now a days there is a new position for bench coach.

The bench coach’s responsibilities include helping to set up the day’s practice and stretching routines before a game. After the game starts, it is the duty of the bench coach to act mostly like an assistant manager, providing the manager situational advices. More over, the same bench coach act as manager if the manager is ejected from the game.

One or more Coaches are hired in a team for the same post or position, according to the needs of the team. There are coaches who serve as general coaches or instructors without any specific title who may perform any one or more of the duties listed above.

Often the coaches will be the former players themselves who can teach current players from their own experiences.