Biotechnology Coaching

Biotechnology or life science is one of the most important applied sciences of the 21st century. This is a field at the cutting edge of science and is a promising research oriented and fastest growing interdisciplinary field. It finds application in every sphere of life and has tremendous career opportunities available now and in future.


Biotechnology is the technology based on biology, especially used in the field of agriculture, food science, and medicine. Since biotechnology is a vast field, the need of a coach is also that important. Therefore an efficient coach, who is well versed on the topic biotechnology is in demand.
At the training of the coach should describe the uses of biotechnology in the life of human beings. This will help in the growth of candidates interest in the field. It is essential to know that biotechnology is often used to refer to genetic engineering technology, modifying biological organisms according to the needs of humanity.

At starting itself the students should know the basic uses of biotechnology. Some of these uses of biotechnology is:

  • Primarily used in the food processing and agriculture industries
  • Since 70s it was used in laboratory based techniques being developed in biological research
  • For researching recombinant DNA or tissue culture based processes, horizontal gene transfer¬† in living plants

The knowledge or awareness about the application of biotechnology helps the students to get more attached to the field. Hence the trainer, should also be that used to the field so that he can be sure, that he has not missed any points and areas regarding biotechnology. There are 4 major industrial areas in which biotechnology has its applications.
The 4 major areas are:

  • Health care
  • Crop production and agriculture
  • Non food that is industrial uses
  • Environmental

Biotechnology is also applied in the use of recycle, treat waste, clean up sites contaminated by industrial activities and also to produce biological weapons.

Since biotechnology is applied in different aspects of human life, biotechnology is divided in several branches.
Red biotechnology: applied to medical processes

Green biotechnology: applied to agricultural processes

White biotechnology:  applied to industrial processes

Blue biotechnology:  applied to describe the marine and aquatic applications