Career Coaching

“Career” to an individual is the work and life roles over their lifespan. As we know, the career is a course of successive situations that make up a person’s work life, the word career in the 20th century referenced the series of jobs or positions by which one earned one’s money.

The career of a person describes the professional capabilities of a worker. It includes all information about the person’s education, working experience, publications, spoken languages and other skills.

Since career plays a vital role in each person’s lifespan, there should be an experts or a coach for the guidance. With the help of career coach, it is easy to find out the edge that gives you the focus and accelerates you towards your career success. An efficient coach is one who can help you put on the fast track to fulfillment and career success.


Career coaching and a career coach focus on the self-confidence, fulfillment and career direction of an individual. A coach helps you to find out the direction in your career, find out your stress and unhappy situation in your career life, helps you in avoiding and finding out the job frustrations or losing the sense of fulfillment you once got from your job, and many more things.

Building up your career under a coach will help you in mapping your way forward, overcoming obstacles and learning the good habits needed for a fulfilling and truly excellent career. Therefore a professional coach should always be committed in helping his trainees to learn the tips, techniques and skills they need to succeed in business and in life. A coach uses his knowledge and experiences at the time of training or helping the students to learn how to handle stress, manage their time better and improve their career and life skills to get the most of their business and personal life.

There are times at which, mere explanation is not enough. During these times, the duties of a coach is increased from explanation of information to practice of theory. And this is the point where a career coaching program fits in. A coach at this time seeks the help of “Career Assessments”

Before introducing the students to career assessments, they should clearly know what is it and how is it going to fit for them. This understanding will help them to accept these career assessments with such an importance.

Career assessments: Are the tests that come in variety of forms depending on both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Through career assessments a coach and the trainee can easily identify and better articulate their unique interests, values, and skills. Some of the outplacement companies often administer career assessments to help individuals focus their search on careers which closely matches their unique personal profile. Career assessments are used by individuals or organizations, such as University career centers and career counselors, corporate human resources staff, executive coaches, vocational rehabilitation counselors, schools and many others who wish to offer better guidance to individuals on their career decisions.

More over it is good for an individual to know about the types of career assessments. For this the coach should also know about the different types of career assessments. Different types of career assessment is used, because the testing of the skills differ from individual to individual, and varies depending on their personal beliefs regarding the most important criteria when considering career choice and the unique needs of the individual considering a career decision.

Some of the areas where career assessment is done are:

  • Methodology Attributes
  • Scientific Validity
  • Target Customer Profile

A career coach should also be a CAREER COUNSELOR. The coach should be able assess people’s interests, personality, values and skills, and also help them to explore career options and research graduate and professional schools. Through this assessment the individuals are able to explore their decision making tasks related to choosing a occupation, transitioning into the world of work or further professional training.

The field of career coaching and career assessment is a vast topic. Includes career placement, career planning, learning strategies and student development.


Career management needs necessary survival skill rather than being an activity. Because Job security is now based on knowledge, skills and added-value rather than length of service or loyalty to an employer. Form this we can understand that career management is nothing other than an investment of time, money and energy so as to protect the major revenue of a person that is one’s job. The use of career management comes at the point of making career choices, managing the organizational career, managing boundary less careers and taking control of one’s personal development. Career planning applies the concepts of strategic planning and marketing which takes the charges of one’s professional future.