Cat Coaching

CAT deals with the eco-centre, which is dedicated in demonstrating and teaching sustainable development. CAT always focuses on general environmentalism. Since CAT is a vast area of information the student should need a guide to make and understand all the aspects of CAT with no doubts.

The CAT coach should be such efficient with sound knowledge about what is CAT? Is it really relay on alternative technology? And in which all fields CAT is working out.


The coach should start his training straight from the basis of the information about the CAT. CAT is an eco-centre dealing with the demonstration and teaching of sustainable development. Where as sustainable development is the meeting of today’s needs of development without compromising and effecting future generations’ ability of development.

Understanding the aim of CAT will help the trainees to come very close to the subject, which may a create a constant motivation in them to know more about the field and design their career strongly. It is necessary for them to know that under CAT, the sustainable development does not focus merely on environmental issues, but also broadly, on the three general policy areas like:

Economic sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Social sustainability

And hence the sustainable development’s three policies are known as the “interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars”

Areas Where CAT Exhibits:

The trainees should be mentioned about the area where CAT exhibits, because this will help them in finding out their interest and skills. This will guide them at the time of selection of subjects in their higher studies. The facilities and the areas where CAT exhibits are:

– Displays of organic gardening methods

– Straw bale and rammed earth buildings

– Hydraulic ram pump

– The water balanced CAT Funicular

– Solar, hydro and wind power

– A low-energy house

After the first step on training, that is giving a clear introduction or foundation about CAT, next it is important to train them for acquiring sufficient education or qualifications for the course. Do mention that the centre of CAT is a successful home for MSc course in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies. CAT usually covers many areas of environmental science including its business applications. Even there are Graduate School for the Environmental studies apart from the MSc course.

Centre for alternative technology gives opportunities to the visitors holding residential courses, publishes information on organic farming, gardening and ecologically friendly living. CAT deals with all the courses of environmental issues, energy and buildings
Top training institutes and coaching classes for CAT in India
Ascent Education                 offers classroom coaching in Chennai and Mumbai

Career Forum                        offers training program for CAT in Pune [headquartered]

Career Launcher (CL)           offers Pegasus program for CAT in Delhi

IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd            one of the oldest coaching class for CAT, India

Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt Ltd   in Hyderabad