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IBPS Recruitment Examination 2013

IBPS Recruitment Examination 2013

Many people are fond of Bank jobs thus the Institute of Banking Personnel selection commonly known as IBPS conducts examination for those candidates every year. IBPS is a competitive Examination held for the recruitment of the posts like RRB (Regional Rural Banks), PO (Probationary Officers), MT (Management Trainees), Clerks as per the Eligibility Criteria. Every year IBPS notifies bank jobs for these posts.

This Year IBPS will conduct Examinations in the month of September or October, 2013 for the different posts. People now a day’s get confused about the dates as to when the actual date of the examination is which will be conducted by the IBPS.

IBPS Recruitment Examination 2013 for RRB (Regional Rural Banks), PO (Probationary Officers), MT (Management Trainees), Clerks will be held soon and for further Notification on any type IBPS Recruitment Examination you can visit

Coaching – What is coaching?

A significant contribution that is nowadays credited for the quality of an individual’s performance is the quality of coaching that he has received. If we look at examples right from the pages of ancient Hindu scriptures right up to the modern day we will see examples galore. Coaching

Arjuna, the greatest archer of all times is an example given time and again. He was coached by the equally famous Dronacharya who considered him as his best student among hundreds of princes.

Coming to the modern days one of the true sporting geniuses, Sachin Tendulkar comes from the stable of Ramakant Achrekar a highly acclaimed Cricket coach who has to his credit a number of cricketers who have gone on to represent India in the recent times.

We associate coaching mostly with sporting and academic disciplines. However coaching is important in most walks of life. Coaching can be described as both an Art and a Science.

It is a form of Art as when the student and the coach are in unison they are one as a team. They are no longer two individual entities. When practiced with devotion the teacher finds the student as his extended self, working tirelessly, practicing what he guides him to do like the brain which guides the body telling him what to do.

Coaching is also a science as it has requires monitoring of the performance of the student, learning and development.

Coaching helps the student to discover his own potential, infuses strength and helps overcome his doubts there by increasing his focus and enhancing his performance. The biggest help in coaching is it creates a state of mind which is relaxed and prone to learn and develop. An individual in this state of mind can learn rapidly overcoming shortcomings.

Coaching helps an individual immensely as it helps to uplift the individuals’ mental spirits. A small story would demonstrate how a coach can lift an individual’s morale and create a lasting impression.

T.K.Ramanathan the father of Ramanathan Krishnan was the first of three generations of Indian tennis legend. T.K.Ramanathan once came across an American player called A.Leavens who was a great baseliner. The American came across with a reputation and was expected to win against the Indian who was then the number one in Delhi.

As Ramanathan Krishnan stood in a corner watching his father play, T.K.Ramanathan lost the first two sets easily. Then came the breathtaking turnaround. In the heat of the searing Delhi summer T.K.Ramanathan took the next two sets and then raced past the American who was by then awestruck at the never-say-die attitude of this Indian in the fifth set to win the match.

While returning home T.K.Ramanathan removed his shoe and showed his feet to his son which was filled with bloody blisters. Young Ramanathan started weeping and his father consoled him saying that this is the best moment on the court for him. This mental strength and character got imbibed in the son who later on became the greatest Singles player the country has seen.

Spiritual Life Coaching


The life coaching is the method of coaching the individuals. In these kinds of coachings the individuals are treated to make them aware of what they are. The coaches in the life coaching are having the responsibility of making the persons aware of the inner potential of them which they are having but they didn’t know about that yet. There are various kinds of the life coachings which are run all over the world are:Spiritual Life Coaching

  • Simple life coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Personal life coaching
  • Spiritual life coaching

What is spiritual life coaching?

The spiritual coaching is a kind of the life coaching. In these kinds of the sessions the coaches will treat the individuals who will come to them for the sessions as in the way they will tell the problems to them. The problems over here are some what different from the personal life. In these kinds of coachings the spirit of the peoples are wakened that means they are turned towards more and more of the positive life and positive attitude towards life which will help them in achieving all their goals forward.

How life changes trough spiritual life coaching:

The spiritual life coaching will change the life of the individuals in various ways as-

  • Will learn to readily have positive attitudes to support your growth and happiness during any period of changes in life.
  • Will learn to trust and listen more to your intuition for certitude of doing what is right for yourself, thus boosting your self esteem and self worth
  • Will attain your goals and dreams much more easily and faster with minimum struggle which you have planned earlier.
  • Change that you have brought to your life will let you help to transfer your life very much positively.
  • Will become more competent in handling whatever life throws at you. Because you know you have the confidence to draw from your inner strength.
  • Will be able to calmly face any life changes with inner clarity, new sense of direction and clear focused action and no more distress.

Which coach should be chosen?

The selection of the coach for the life coaching session should be done very carefully as it is very essential for the individual to choose the right person. the coach should be very well trained and must have done proper training. The course that the have done should be from a good, respectful and very well known institute. The most essential above all is that it must be a certified course that is the students are getting the certificate of their course and training and which can be kept at them as a kind of proof. Thus it needs a little effort for the individual to choose the best among them.

How much it costs:

The spiritual coaching costs a bit higher then the life coaching as due to the requirement of it. It may charge all around the $8,500 but somewhere less then this also.

Eesha spiritual centre, Bangalore and coimbatore are famous for spiritual coaching which is totally unbiased to any religions. Amrita insitite of yogic centre, kerala has so many branches in different parts of India as well as in srilanka, dubai and so on. Whitefield puttaparthi is one of the most auspicious spiritual centres that one could identify in India.

Personal Life Coaching


As we all know now a day that what life coaching, then the term personal life is coaching is also very well known term for them as they are having the same meaning. The life coaching is the coaching which can be done at the various levels or which are having various branches as according to the requirement of the peoples. The branches of it includes-

  • Business coaching
  • Personal life coaching
  • Spiritual coaching

Thus we will discuss here the personal life coaching.Personal Life Coaching

What is personal life coaching:

The personal life coaching is the coaching in which the individuals are given the coaching all about their personal lives that is how to improve their personal life and the matter that they are facing in the current scenario. Their all the myths and confusion are solved in the scene of this. The persons can come to the coaching center with all their personal problems which can be fully solved over here.

Difference in personal and life coaching:

There is no difference between the personal and the life coaching. The individuals that are the coaches which take the personal and the life coaching respectively are also having the same qualification on which basis they takes the coaching. both of these things are self motivating and the process of extracting the things from yourself which you even don’t know and which your heart exactly wants and you are not aware of the yet.

How it is done:

In case of the personal coaching all the attention is given to the individuals. The sessions which has been taken by the coaches are very much interactive which means that the persons which have been their with there problems are given full time to express their problem and the things what they want from their lives. Then all the potential of the person’s are drawn out from them. It develops, reflects and enables them to do the things for which they are having the potential but they didn’t know that. The empathy is the key point of success in this process.

Purpose of personal coaching:

The personal coaching can be done with many purposes. The main of them are – career help, career development, career guidance, personal life problems, to solve the problems among the family members, to solve the problems with the life partner and the other family members, to learn better parenting skills which will solve all the problems between the parents and the child. The persons who are taking the coachings then after the sessions will feel very much motivated and all the positive energy will flow in to them and they will feel full of life.

How it operates:

The personal life coaching can be done at the various types. Most of the times the coaches don’t even meet their clients, that is most of the times the sessions are taken on the telephones so no extra charges are taken. No extra costs are taken for the session and the coach do not even the office and any other kind of stuff.
some of the noteworthy institutions that excel in offering personal life coaching are such as the Sachdeva New P. T. College Oasis Educational Services Vidyasagar Classes .
Brilliant’s Academy. Brilliant Tutorials