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Importance of Coaching in the modern day life

Coaching is a significant factor that sometimes can determine the difference between a successful team / individual and that of failure. A most relevant and recent example that we can give is the performance of the Indian cricket team under their last three coaches.

India team under the coaching of John Wright went from strength to strength and for the first time in twenty years went to the final of the World Cup, beaten the Aurtralian side at home and also away and also won significant number of matches both home and away.

The Indian team went though a complete transformation under the next coach Mr.Greg Chappel. It went from a world beating side to a recipe of disaster in a short time.

After a few years of debacle and countless players losing their positions in the team the next coach Gary Kirsten took the reins. The team again underwent a complete transformation but this time for the good. They went on to win a number of overseas series and also became the number 1 test side in the world.

This shows without any doubt that coaching and mentoring can help a long way in bringing out the best in each of us. Coaching I not about telling what to do, it is all about having one person out there who can point you out what is your strength and what are your shortcoming and guiding you to work hard at that.

We associate coaching mostly with sporting and academic disciplines. However coaching is important in most walks of life. Coaching can be described as both an Art and a Science.

Coaching is also a science as it has requires monitoring of the performance of the student, learning and development.

Coaching helps an individual to identify his strengths and weaknesses. At the same time at a personal level it helps you to find your goals in life. The biggest help in coaching is it creates a state of mind which is relaxed and prone to learn and develop. An individual in this state of mind can learn rapidly overcoming shortcomings.

Continuous Employee Development Programme

Corporate coaching is a part of the continuous employee development programme initiated by the HRD of most progressive businesses around the globe. It is one of the integral parts of the modern theory that Human Resources are the most resource of the business.

Corporate coaching aims at developing the motivational levels of the company’s employees and thereby increasing their levels of performance and contribution to the larger development of the company itself.

It is designed to keep the employees up-to-date with latest management techniques, problem solving attitude and with an increased sense of belonging and being looked after will help them get focus into their jobs and start enjoying it immensely.

Corporate coaching has the following distinct advantages –

  1. Increased profitability
  2. Reduce manpower turnover
  3. Reduce HR costs
  4. Increase efficiency in process through an indirect impact
  5. reduce stress
  6. platform for voice
  7. infuse change in management styles
  8. help managers become leader

Corporate Coaching Jobs

Continuous employee development programme initiatives by various progressive companies mostly offer an opportunity for Corporate Coaching professionals.

Corporate coaching has the following distinct advantages –

  1. Hit the profitability of the company as it reduces employee turnover
  2. Reduces HR related costs by eliminating continuous hiring and only working on replacement hiring when required.
  3. Increase the efficiency and productivity of the employees as the employees are well trained, motivated, aware and inspired to work for the betterment of the organisation.
  4. Corporate coaching can also reduce stress to a large extent. In fact modern stress management is an important aspect of corporate coaching with singular sessions dedicated on this topic.
  5. Executives can also take this opportunity to make themselves heard and their feelings expressed through these programme.
  6. corporate coaching can also help in converting micro managers to create a balance in their management styles by allowing more autonomy to their group members
  7. It can help managers become leaders.

Corporate coaching jobs can be of different types, depending upon the focus area of the coaching.

  1. Life coaching – life coaching is what the name suggests a way to connect with a person and understanding his aims and goals in life. Coaches are unlike popular beliefs not psychologists. However they draw their methodologies from a wide variety of disciplines to help their clients understand their inherent values and then accordingly set their targets in life.
  2. Business Coaching – business coaching is usually the practice in which an individual coach coaches a business owner/s and then designs a system for the organisation under which it is governed to run.
    There are a wide variety of coaching institutions which offer business coaching to individual budding coaches who are hired by smaller business who cannot hire the services of a full fledged business coaching firm.
    Business coaches are usually summoned where the business is not doing that great and there is need for the business to undergo process or functional changes. Business coaches assume responsibilities in such cases.
  3. Executive coaching – Executive coaching is the one-to-one interaction between the coach and the executive through which the business coach understands the problems of the executive and address to them using various methodologies. Executive coaching is different than business coaching as in business coaching the processes and the systems of the organisation are the highlighted aspects. In executive coaching it is the personal goals and the aspirations of the organisation which are the subject matter.
  4. Personal coaching – a personal coach and the methodology of personal coaching depends upon an explicit coaching agreement between the client and the coach.  The whole thing depends upon the personal requirements of the client, his expectations, priority and personal goals.
    A personal coach requires interacting with the client, using inquisitive discussions to understand his personal goals, develop strategies and plans to achieve those personal goals.
    The coach also monitors the performance of the client in pursuit of those goals, analyse and also take corrective steps to ensure that he is on the right track.

Career Coaching Services

Why career coaching is necessary?

A good career is always a turning point in one’s life. When we are students, we think about how to spend our lives jovially, but when we step into the career phase of life, we always regret on the jovial life we had in our past. This is an usual routine which is seen in students worldwide, or at least in our on country, India. The truth is, if we look forward, and work hard in our student life itself, we can have a bright future. I.e. if we take our student life more seriously, it will surely have an effect in our career too, and our future life will always be a jovial one. Career Coaching Services

Career coaching in India

Let us consider the status of career coaching in our own country, India. Education in India is incomplete without the coaching centers available everywhere. Here, education has become a full time occupation of homemakers and their children. Every other aspect of a child is generally ignored and education alone has now become the all encompassing activity of millions of children and parents in India. Even primary kids go for tuitions or coaching as there is a beeline for admissions to good schools. So, career coaching has become one of the day to day activities (or a business market?) of Indian humanity.

Crazy about technology?

In the past, everyone had the difficulty to study on their own due to the lack of coaching classes and tuition centers. Students had to work on their own to be a winner. But now a days, there are several coaching centers available abundantly for aiding us with that issue. Even in the nook and corner of a village, or a rural area, we can see such centers, in different forms, and different classes. The best engineering based coaching center is the IIT itself, (especially the one located at kharagpur) which offers under-graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral programs in Engineering. If you are into an engineering related job, IIT Kharagpur is always the best known choice for everyone. If you are really far from IIT kharagpur, opt for any one of the 14 other IITs present throughout india.

For the managers of the future

Apart from the engineering stream, if you need to get an admission in MBA, look for the IIMs first. IIMS are located in almost all parts of India like, Ahmadabad, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Lucknow, Jamshedpur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Indore, Calicut etc. Getting into IITs or IIMs itself was a difficult task earlier which has been almost nullified by certain pre career coaching centers like the careerpointgroup in kota, bansal coaching in rajasthan, fiitjee in patna etc. These centers offers excellent training for the IIT-JEE exam which is a prerequisite for getting an admission in the IITs.

Social service gets paid too

If you are in the thought of serving the humanity, opting for being a doctor is the best choice. The first five medical colleges which comes top for medical studies are The AIIMS, Delhi, The Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, Christian Medical College, Vellore, JIPMER, Puducherry and the Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. If you write the medical entrance, and your rank is somewhat low, do not worry, you can go for other medicinal studies like B.pharm, BAMS, etc.

A piece of advice

We can strongly say that, the coaching centers available throughout have a definite influence on the students for their growth and their ability to flourish in life. We are not criticizing the students who do study on their own and also, not saying they cannot innovate their life. But, a career coaching center can definitely aid them to reach higher levels of their life.

There is a saying, “As you sow so shall you reap”. We should keep in mind that, the saying is absolutely true, at least in the divine line pointing from education towards ones’ career. Students can expect to see the output of their hard work into a rewarding job, in the future, just as farmers expect to harvest the crops that they plant. We can add a bit exaggeration to the saying that, if you sow and use a fertilizer, you can reap a heavy load. I.e. if we go for a coaching class and train ourselves excellently, we will be surely rewarded with an immaculate job which was just in our dreams before.

So, we can conclude that career coaching (even if it has turned to a business culture now a days) is an unavoidable treasure that students should definitely opt to and thereby they can bring their lives to a new ever flourishing era.

Corporate Coaching

Continuous Employee Development Programme

Corporate coaching is a part of the continuous employee development programme that aims at developing the motivational levels of the company’s employees and thereby increasing their levels of performance and contribution to the larger development of the company itself.Corporate Coaching

The whole idea is to keep the employees up-to-date with latest management techniques, problem solving tools and also create a level of enthusiasm that will help them to stay happy in their jobs and also keep contributing.

Micro Management vs. Coaching in Management styles

An important difference between Micro Management and Coaching is that in coaching the manager allows the members of his group to use their inherent skills and capabilities and thus allow them to grow in their jobs and contribute to the development of the organisation.

In Micro management members are rarely allowed that luxury and they often used as tools in the organisational process. Managers can often afford to loosen their grips and refraining from micro management and allows their group members to show their full potential.

A good motivational speaker

A corporate coach needs to be above and beyond all a good motivational speaker and have excellent organizational skills. They need to be able to convey their thoughts in a simple and easy way that can be understood with ease by their listeners. Although a professional degree in corporate coaching is not necessary; having a degree helps in his approach and also in his career.

Assignments in Group and Individual Coaching

Corporate coaches can take up and they often do both group and individual assignments. When they are working on a group assignment they cater to the requirement of the organisational demands of imparting motivational or other types of coaching. The first step here is to understand what they basic requirements are; from the organisational stand point and accordingly modify their coaching approach and focus.

Corporate coaches are sometimes approached by senior executives for a one to session of coaching. These are basically situations where they have to cater to the requirements of the individual and thus have to start by understanding what the roles and responsibilities of the individual are in the organisation.

Benefits of Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching, which to reiterate is a part of the employee development program, goes a long way to develop better human resource for the company. A better trained and better motivated group of resource certainly creates an immediate impact to the performance of the organisation both BTL and ATL.

Employee retention through effective communication, training and mentoring, inspiring the people to understand their hidden strengths and then channelisation of those skills for the betterment of the organisation, increased awareness of the organisation and also an increased sense of being looked after all goes a long way to increase the productivity of the organisation.

Apart from the organisational benefits which are apparent in terms of performance enhancement of its human resource it helps in employee moral and employee satisfaction across the whole board. Better employee satisfaction means better employee retention rates.

Corporate coaching could be obtained confidently from the butchi redid institute of Hyderabad one of the phenomenal institutions of its kind. Trendz academy is one more pioneer in the field located in different parts of the country. Prime training services, sachdeva career academy, brilliants, the elite are also wonderful in the field of traininig.

Corporate Coaching Training

Corporate coaching is a significantly important part of the continuous improvement plan that is undertaken by the Human Resource Team of any organisation. It is undertaken for the purpose of developing the motivational levels of the company’s employees and thereby increasing their levels of performance and contribution to the larger development of the company itself.Corporate Coaching Training

Why training is required for professional coaching assignments

Like any other professions of repute, professional training is required to impart a professional coaching service.

The profession of coaching is largely unregulated. Although there are bodies providing accreditation; it is optional and no registration is required to become a professional coach. As such the profession of corporate coaching has a lot of people who practice without any formal training or experience in the job.

Professional coaching trainings are provided to aspirant corporate coaching professionals become coaches.

Training for basic coaching skills

These comprehensive programs cover all coaching skills from the ground up and are a must for the aspiring coach who wants to become a professional, certified coach.

With the demand in corporate coaching a lot of schools offer coaching training facilities. However, one should select very judiciously. A training course with a minimum of 60 hours must be selected which would give the minimum level of training and practice that is needed to become a professional coach.

A large number of schools offer accredited courses which are recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF is by far the largest organisation of coaches which has over 17,000 members to its roles. They work towards getting the profession of coaching progressed further and also ensure that a worldwide governing body is positioned such that the professional coaching practice can be accredited by it. It also ensures that it can support the members in various ways and also build a network of skilled coaches.

An institute which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation has the likelihood of being reliable and recognised widely. It means more are the chances for getting coaching assignments when you pass out from that institute. However this accreditation is not mandatory and as such who don’t have a fancy of an accredited institution can go for these.

Specialty Coach Training Programs

The International Coaching Federation recognizes certain training programmes which are considered as specialty, advanced coaching training. The specialty training course that one selects will become his area of specialty and thus will help him to project in the market. It is imperative that one selects the area of his specialty with thought.

It will also be easier to project and register new clients as provider who specializes in one particular aspect of coaching. Like a coach who offers high performance based coaching will have an easier time projecting him in the market accordingly and thus register new clients.

Specialty training schools also provide courses in foundational coaching aspects. As such you can not only do your basic coaching training but also your specialization at the same place. It is a benefit of pricing and convenience for most budding corporate coaches.

Specialty coaching areas

Some of the specialty coaching areas are – Relationships; Executives; Spirituality; Corporations; Small and Medium Sized Businesses; Corporations; ADD/ADHD; Careers; Parenting.

Brilliant is again famous for corporate coaching also. Infact they are the top notch providers when it comes to many coaching perspectives. Advance career coaching, account age infotech, vidya tutorials, harihar accountancy are some of the standard centers pertaining to the field.