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Life Coaching Courses


Life coaching is a technique which is very well used for  the coaching of the individuals to guide them that is the peoples who are very much nervous and we can say simply that who are very much confused about their lives  that hey even don’t know what to do and what their heart really want to do. The therapists or the session takers will help them to let them know what they exactly need from life thus the life coaching can also be termed as the life changing.

The courses of life coaching:

There are several of the institutes which will provide this programme that is of life coaching. All around the world that is in all the countries there are several of the institutes which will provide this course but the trainee has to decide the best among them. It will need a bit of the research and the knowledge of the trainee. The various kinds of courses offered under it are:

  1. Certificate 4 in life coaching: here the student will get the CDs and DVDs for their help. The live coaching from two of the mentors and 12 months support from coaching mentor team who will teach them all the coaching skills.
  2. Advanced practitioner of coaching: in addition to all the above things the student over here will get the 5 cds which will guide him towards the advanced feature of coaching.
  3. Diploma of life coaching: here in addition to the first of the course the student will also get 4 manuals with advanced content. The course will also give the student the training to teach him how to run a impactful workshop of his own.

Things to know:

Before joining any of the certified course of the life coaching the person should be very well aware about the company which is offering the course to them and even the criteria which they are providing. The several points to remember in that case are:

  • Outside coaching- that the course is providing this or not which is very must for a trainee to get at the time of course. It will provide them with the practical knowledge.
  • Do they offer business building training: it is very must as being a life coach you are going to run your own business so it will be very essential for you to get this kind of training initially.
  • Offering time zone or not:  time zone here means that the courses time are according to the trainees time or not as later you will come to know that you have to wake up at 3 in morning to attend the classes. So let it be clear earlier.
  • Certified course: it is very essential feature which you should check as the course they are offering is certified or not and the training school is well recognized or not.

Usefulness of it:

The courses of life coaching will provide a trained individual in the market of the life coaching in comparison with the untrained ones who are not at all good in any of the respect.

Life Coaching Certification


The life coaching is a technique which will provide the individuals that is the coachee which is coming to them with their queries. The life coaching will solve all the problems of all them regarding their personal as well as the professional lives. The personal life problems of them can also be easily solved and in terms of the professional lives the problem related to the career choosing and the choosing of the job of their interest. Thus the life coaching will help them to know what their heart wants and even what they want from their lives.

Importance of the certified course:

The individuals who are having the skills and who want to be a life coach are required to select their institute very carefully as it is a thing of career. The institute which they will choose should be very well known and the most important thing of all above them id they should be offering certified courses because without that it is very tough to practice the life coaching in any of the country around the world.

How do you get these institutions?

Most of the life coaching programmes of several of the institutions are available online that is it will be very easy for any of the individual to get any of the life coaching institute in this technology savy kind of world. Thus you can access the internet and can get a list of all the institutes which are offering such kind of courses. You can even check each and every feature of the course as it is suitable to you or not. The proper format of the course should be understood by the trainees.

Life coaching training institutions:

As the training is a must part of the life coaching as each of the certified course of the life coaching will not be counted complete without the training certificate. So it will be very much essential for the individuals to get the training. There are several of the lives coaching training institutions all around the world which will provide the courses of the life coaching as:

Ø  Institute for integrative nutrition in Alaska, Canada and many other countries.

Ø  Bennet stellar university in California, Alaska, New York and many of the other countries.

Thus the person can get the training at all the respective countries and these institutions.

How dose this certified course cost? :

As we have come to know till now that the life coaching certified course is a very must programme so it should also be known that how much this programme is costing. The normal charges of the life coaching certified course with addition of the internet expense goes to $ 8,000 while some of the institutes are offering the programme of the life coaching in their curriculum as an addition to the other courses which is leading to a very low cost of it that is as low as $1,500. thus it depends on the institute which you are selecting for it.

Life Coaching

Coaching is the words that can be define as the activities of the coach to develop the abilities of the coachee. Coaching will help the coachee to recognize his own abilities which he did’nt knows even or we can say not even aware of that. There are various kinds of coachings which a coach can provide to their coachee and it only depends on the requirement of the coachee that is which session he want to take but here we will talk about only one that is the life coaching.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a part of coaching which means that the individuals who are in the trouble are guided by the coach to be much and more future focused that is on towards their goals. This is a kind of therapy which ahs been taken by many if the individuals as a business. Here the individuals are taken and their problems have been solved. It will help all of them to spend their lives all according to the will of their hearts.

Life coaching is different:

Life coaching is the very unique technique that is it is very different from the other ones that is consulting, therapists and the some of the psychological interventions. Some of the disciplines which are considered over here are the sociological, some psychological and the most importantly the management adult development, which helps a lot in the management field. Thus the life coaching is very unique from the other ones.

Benefits of life coaching:

The life coaching seems to be very much helpful as it will lead to the solution of many of the problems of many of the individuals. As we know that life coaching is very different from the other kinds of the therapies and the consulting kind of business as it will deal with the individuals and their present and the future only and no past dealing. The therapy will not cure or diagnose any kind of the diseases instead it will solve it.

How does it work?

The life coaching is a process where the coachee has to take the session from the coach. More than 2 sessions are must for the coaching because the initial one and the rest is the problem solving and identifying one. The 2nd session will be long one as compare to the first and further after the sessions the unlimited e-mail support is provided by all the therapists that is their patient can call them any time.

Areas where the life coaching works:

The technique of life coaching will be useful in several of the areas of life that is in solving several matters of life as-

  • Health, Aging, Lifestyle and Self-Care
  • Family and Parenting
  • Relationships and Intimacy
  • Career Planning and Development
  • Motivation and Time Management
  • Creativity for Artists, Writers, Musicians and Performers
  • Finances and Budgeting
  • Stress Management and Balance
  • Spirituality and Personal Growth
  • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development
  • And much more