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Life Coaching Services


Life coaching is a kind of coaching which are taken by the individuals who are very well trained in these things. The life coaching is some what very different from all the other kinds of things as meditation, consulting and many others. The coach will take the session of the coachee and will solve all the problems of them regarding their present and future.

Kinds of problems which are solved over here:

In case of the life coaching the personal issues of the individuals are also taken as the problem and the other ones are as-

  • Self Discovery Coaching
  • Self Esteem Coaching
  • Parental coaching
  • Personal Finance Coaching
  • Time Management Coaching
  • Career Development Coaching
  • Business issues coaching
  • Love and Relationship Coaching
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Health and Fitness Coaching

Thus all the above mentioned problems are solved over here and will help the individual to over come them.

Life coaching services:

There are various ways through which the life coaching services can be provided to the individuals at in includes-

  • Face to face (group)
  • Face to face (individual)
  • Email or online
  • Telephone
  • Online (video conferencing)
  • Project coaching
  • Seminars
  • Workshop and engagement coaching

Description of the services:

The life coaching services are very widely used now days-

ü  The face to face service of the group is used in terms of the individuals who are having the same problems are present in group.

ü  The e-mail o online one is very much used today.

ü  The online video conferencing will require a special kind of gadgets so some where it is avoided but above all it is very much productive for the individuals because they are getting their problems solved face to face.

ü  The telephone conversation is the most widely used service among the above all as it is easy for the user as well as the coach also because the coach do not need any kind of the special arrangement for this. No office requirement.  All they want is a telephone or a cell phone through which they can contact their clients.

How much it costs:

The cost or the charges of the sessions of the life coaching will depends on the total requirement of the individual as what they want and how many sessions are required by them. The charges also depend on the sitting they will take and the mode of the service as the telephonic service will charge the most as it is most convenient also. It will charge around $ $8,000- $8,500.

Selection of the service:

The selection of the proper service as according to the requirement of the individual should be done. The type of problem will also help them to choose the mode of it as some kind of the serious problems will let them take face to face session while all the other personal and the short problems can be solved on phone or via mails.