Common Entrance Test Coaching

Common Entrance Test– CET or examination was established in 1904. This examination is conducted by the independent schools examinations board, for the purpose of transferring the pupils from junior to senior school at the ages of 11+ and 13+.

The help of a coach is necessary from the age before 11+ and 13+. The last two years of the age is being spent preparing the pupils get ready for the entry to the senior section of the school. The test or the examination is conducted by the school itself. And this exams are conducted at the age of 11+ or 13+. The coach’s duty starts with the explanation about the test or the examination being conducted. The student is to be cleared between the common entrance examination and the normal tests and the examinations done at every end of the academic year.

Common Entrance Test is not as same as the normal test conducted at the every end of each academic year. These tests are usually conducted by the public schools, before the officials. The student should know that these types of tests are not competitive tests but only a qualifying tests, just to know whether they are eligible for the higher studies.

For preparing the students to be the eligible candidates it is important to make them know about the effort they have to put. Explaining more about the examination procedures will help them to increase their motivation for the preparation and reduce the anxiety about the examinations. Give the details like:

– The exam is conducted by the schools which the candidate have chosen

– The test is aiming at the quality of the student rather than the competence skills

– Marks are decided by the school which the candidate has chosen

– 60-65% or above is considered as high academic standard

– The dates are different for the candidates, for example for boys and girls of age 13+ the exam is conducted on February, March and June.


The coach should be careful with the subjects at the time of training the students, because there are the selection of subjects for the examination. Different subjects are tested for the different age or different entry level.

The coach should give importance in English, Mathematics and Science as these are the compulsory core subjects. Apart from these subjects, the rest are selected from French, German, Spanish, Latin, Geography, History and Religious Studies. In the case of higher classes the subjects includes Geography, History, Religious Studies and one or more languages.


Awareness of the procedures about the examination will help the students to face the exam tension free, which gives a good result.

Usually these common entrance exams are conducted at their own prep schools

The dates are fixed by the same school itself

The papers are marked by the teachers of the school selected by the candidates for the senior studies

There are school which conduct this exams for the purpose of awarding entrance scholarships and bursaries. For such entrances there may be further interviews and tests including artistic, musical or sporting achievements. But these additional testing are not considered as the common entrance examination. But is taken into accounts by reports or other means.

Along with these common entrance test there are interviews conducted to test the students skills. The coaching should be given, keeping all these things into considerations. These test involve several assessment steps.