Computer Training Coach

We all know that the use of and the importance of computer is growing day by day and minute by minute. The necessity of giving computer training to the students along with other academic subject is not less.

Computer training coach usually starts the training with the clear introduction of the use and importance of computer in our fast moving and growing life. The students should get the idea that, regardless of the job and position of an individual, everyone should have some level of proficiency in personal computing skills. Also the awareness of the computer usage will help them to excel in their profession and maintain their competitiveness for the career advancement.

With the explanation of the usage and the importance of the computer, the coach, efficiently gets out of his first step of training. The knowledge about the impact of computer, from the IT field to the small scale industries, will increase the level of interest in the students to know more about the computer. If once the interest comes, there comes the motivation of getting close to the usage of computer.

Since computer is a vast area of knowledge, the coach should make the students know about what to study? And how to study?

At the time of training, the teaching of computer should start straight from its history- that is the origin of computer. Through this the student will be able to understand the changes that has took place in the field of computer world.


Computer training is a field where practical experiences is more effective than the theory class. The explanation of the computer should include the parts of the computer like:

The control unit






Networking and the internet

Along with the explanation of the parts name do mention down the works performed by these parts. For example

“Control unit:  directs the various components of a computer. This part is often called a control system or central controller. There will be programs decoded in the computer and control unit reads and interprets the instructions in the program one by one”


Since the computer knowledge does not limits with the understanding the parts and the functions done, the duty of a computer training coach extends the further topics which deals with the awareness of the computer. And here comes the detailed study of the field of computer, which in future will help the student to select his/her career based on computer field. The wild coaching of the computer training deals with the usage of



Programming languages


Sine computer is an area where there is a lot of chance for job opportunities, the coach should help the students in understanding the needs of acquiring computer skill, on the basis of career coaching. There fore the coach have to deal with the topics like different programming languages.

Give the ideas about different types of programming languages and its functions, because there are programming languages intended to be general purpose, while other languages used only for highly specialized fields.

Differentiate clearly to the students the differences about the commonly used assembly languages, commonly used high level languages and commonly used scripting languages.

The fact that the use of computer is spreading throughout the human life and the increasing number of job opportunities will give the students a motivation for hard working, also developing their skills in the fields of computer usage

There by the coach at the time of training the students, in the operation of computer, have to describe about the computer- related professions. This explanation should not be in general, as for each areas of computer needs specific skills.

For example: under the section of hardware section the jobs related are electrical engineering, electronics engineering, computer engineering, telecommunication engineering, optical engineering, and Nanoscale engineering.


There are computer training centers all around the world due to its popularity. Some of the computer training centers are

In Chennai

Govt. Regd. Computer institution in Kolkata

Computer coaching centre in Hyderabad

In Sikar

Computer institutes in Jhunjhunu