Construction Coaching

Building or assembling of infrastructure is known as construction, which is a complex process. Since it is a complex process it needs a guidance of a coach, for excellent planning of the work. Therefore from the very beginning of construction itself, a coach has his own role to play

The coaching should be given from the thorough understanding of what is construction? What are the necessary steps to be followed at the time of construction? What type of construction is to be done? Who is involved in a project of construction? And last but the least the qualification or education expected or needed for working in the field of construction.

Answers to all these questions will help the students to know more about the construction field. This will not only increase their interest and motivation towards the field, but also will assist them in deciding what role should they play in the world of construction. Construction is multitasking and so there are a lot for the job opportunities. Excellent coaching for construction could help the students in acquiring good result.

Mention down the areas or the fields in which the students can work as a constructor. Some of the areas are mentioned below:

Civil engineering, project manager, supervisor, construction manager, design engineer, construction engineer, project architect etc.

As the coach describes about the fields in construction, it is essential to point out the duties and the qualifications, needed and performed. This is because for each job the job functions differ and even the qualifications and the skills also differ.

For example: when talking about the post construction management, do describe about the duties to be performed. The duty of a construction manager is to study and practice the managerial area, technological aspects of the construction industry or the business models, cost management, time management, quality management etc.

The education to be required is formal degree programs or 2 years associate degree, four year baccalaureate degree, masters degree, engineer degree, doctors of philosophy degree, on the job training, certain certifications etc, according to the needs.

This knowledge of education is given to the students, to concentrate their studies on this basis.


There are certain things to be followed for the successful finishing of a project. These need some skills too. The coach therefore has to make clear about the procedures they have to perform for the successful execution of the work.

Planning is first thing to be done before a work is started. Here the constructor is creating and then maintaining the plan. This is a creation out of the process thinking. The constructor should think about the activities to be done, with in the limited time, place and money. Thinking is a fundamental property of intelligent behavior. Hence it is a processes of creation, it needs a creative skill too. The constructor should be innovative and systematic. The planning should be done, by taking certain factors into considerations like

The place

The time

The budget

The interest of the dealer

The material requirements

Here the coach should provide the students, assignments which needs excellent planning for the execution of a project. Later ask them to analyze whether their planning is efficient. This chance providing, will help them to analyze themselves and to know about their skills in planning. They can improve themselves with the support of the guide or develop the skills in them to the maximum level. Always keep on remember the theory that “practice makes a man perfect”.

While training them for planning and the execution of the work, do mention them about the types and differences of construction projects. The planning and constructions differ according to the type of construction projects. The types of constructions to be mentioned are

Building construction

Heavy or highway construction

Industrial constriction

Since for each type of construction, it requires a team to plan, design, construct and maintain the work, the coach has to train the students in all that fields.

Construction is an area where the necessity of interaction plays an important role as it is a multitasking job. Therefore the skill to communicate the things with concerned person is to be developed at the time of training. This is possible only if, one is that confident and familiar with the work to be done. The function of a coach in this area is to give more and more opportunities to the trainees at time of training to use and develop their skills of communication. Providing opportunities will also help them to be used to the different situations.