Cricket Coaching


In sports, coaching helps an individual to get the right direction, instruction and training of the operations of a sports team from an individual to attain the goal or goals. Coaching helps individuals to get confidence and motivates them to play better. A coaching should be umpteen and varies from time to time, from instructor, assessor, friend, mentor, facilitator, demonstrator, adviser, supporter, fact finder, motivator, counselor, organizer, planner and in fact just everything. The character KABIR KHAN, in the film Chak De India, is a perfect example for a pefect coaching.


In cricket, there are a lot of fields where a candidate should concentrate, such as cricket drills, cricket tips, cricket techniques, cricket bowling techniques and batting tips, cricket skills etc:. A person, who wishes to make this field as a career, can seek the help of a cricket coach, cricket coaching books, lesson plans for cricket, and many more cricket coaching institutions for attaining all the skills needed for a player.

Cricket coaching involves sections like cricket coaching programs, indoor cricket coaching, teaching cricket, cricket training drills, etc. Apart from this there are also summer camps for coaching cricket. A prepared candidate is a successful candidate, and the aim of the summer camps to prepare the candidates to be a successful one. Usually these camps start giving coaching for girls and boys from 6 years of age and above. These camps often provides hostel and transportation facilities. The candidates are provided with daily and liberal use of bowling machine, video analysis, speed gun facility, multi gym and a dedicated team of coaches at the high points.

Cricket coaching programs:

Under cricket coaching programs includes the practice of growing candidates. Here the practice is given to each specified skills which is needed for a good cricket player and it depends on the caliber of the candidate. Some cricket coaching programs specializes in bating while some other in bowling, and other in fielding. Here the parents are continuously encouraged to be involved in their children’s cricket program. The coach should be aware about the needs of the candidate.

Teaching cricket:

The coach should be aware about what to teach and how to teach. While teaching the coach should be able to make clear the players about all aspects in cricket which is needed for a player. For example, while teaching or practicing cricket, in the part of batting give the player a clear knowledge about the The Grip, The Stance, Front foot defence, Back foot defence, Drives, Square cut, The pull shot, The sweep shot, The lofted shot, Taking evasive action and Running between the wickets.

Same as in bowling also there are different types of bowling to be know and practiced like The leg spinner, The flipper, The wrong ‘Un etc

Cricket lesson plan:

A lesson plan is the out line or the blue print of what to be done, how to be done, when and where to be done. In the case of cricket, the coach should be clear with his aim like, what should he teach and train the candidate, how the teaching should be, at what time, and where to be conducted. It is important for both the coach and the trainee to know clearly about what is their goal and how is it going to be achieved. It is a fact that once the path is clear the journey will be easy and the goal is attained. And knowledge of a good lesson plan helps both the coach and the trainee to attain the goal easily.

Basic rules of cricket:

The cricket coach should know about the basic rules of the game and so can make the trainee clear about it which helps them to understand more about the game. Some of the basic rules of the game is * The basic set-up

  • How the points are scored
  • Fielding
  • Bowling
  • Batting
  • The different ways of being out
  • Leg before the wicket
  • Who wins?

Cricket positions:

Positions in cricket game plays an important role and the coach should be aware about each and every positions that a batsman or a bowler or a fielder, wicket keeper should maintain. Though there are 12 players in a cricket team, only 11 are there at the time of fielding during the innings.

Indoor cricket coaching:

Indoor playing is different from outdoor playing. In out outdoor playing, a game is effected by sun light, climate changes like cold, rain etc. But in indoor the game is out of these threat or disturbances, though there are limitations. So the coach should be well known with these limitations and should be able to train the trainees to fit for this conditions also. Under indoor plying  the situation are created artificially, like the source of light  and the balls used like red ball and white balls etc. Also the indoor coaching helps the cricketers stay in touch with the game even at the time of off- seasons.

ECB- European Central Bank:

Play-cricket is the ECB’s on-line cricket network for all clubs, leagues, cup competitions and county boards

A cricket coach should also be aware about different cricket coaching aids, books and videos, which helps the players to know more about the game and also this creates a motivations in the players. Asking the players to read more about the articles regarding the game, former players, the games they have performed etc will also help the growing players to sustain their motivations for the game.


1.    BBC Sport Academy for cricket and other sports

2.    Karnataka Institute of cricket, in Karnataka [KIOC]

3.    Institute of cricket coaching, in south Africa, started at the time of 1991

4.  The Sport PR & Journalism course provides sports media training course which catapults your career in sports public relations and sports journalism around the world

5.  More over, world-renowned e-Training Programs, online-training are also there, which provides 24/7 own professional cricket trainer who will work with you one-on-one and will be able to track all of your workout.

6.  Several cricket clubs are also there for training the players.

Summer camp Institutions for cricket

  • Brijesh Patel cricket academy
  • Karnataka institute of cricket
  • Bangalore city cricket club
  • Sadanand Vishwanath cricket academy
  • Bangalore high school and herons cricket club

See Live Cricket Score Even some of the former state captains also conduct cricket coaching camps, and the Former state captain V.S. Vijaya Kumar is one of the example