Dance Coaching

Dance is skill based performance and needs a talent of performing it. The field dance has its own theory as well as practical sides. This is a skill based field and hence the need for a trainer is also that important, which cannot be avoided. Here the coach should also be talented in the same field. Should posses a passion for it and should always be highly energetic. The quality of a dance master lies in the fact that he or she should processes a sound knowledge about different forms of dances, should be innovative in the procedures according to the needs, well versed in both the theoretical and practical aspects.


As we know that dance is a skill based field and needs a talent in performing, the need of a guide is inevitable. Hence at the time of selection of a coach, the main thing to be kept in the mind is of, which type of coach should be given? This is because, there are different types of dances and for each type, different skills and training is needed. This selection is done on the basis of the interest of the student and the aim of the student. Do remember the selection of the perfect coach is important.

The help of a trained person in this field can help a student to find out what type of coaching is needed for the student. For this the coach should describe about all the types of dances and then find out the talents in the student.

Next step in the selection of type of coaching to be done is based on the students aim and the passion for dance. There are students who could like to bring the dance as a profession, while some aims at the competitive aspects and other out of passion for it. Since each level of interest needs each type of coaching, it is very essential to know the aim of the student.

After the finding out of the aim, the coach can decide the methods to be used for the training. At the time of training the coach has to describe the types of dances and, what dance is? Dance is a form of performances using the movement of the body, following the rhythm and the music. Dance uses the expressions, which is a social interaction. Therefore a lot of training and practicing is needed. The need for having a passion to it will help the student to be energetic always. This is a field where energy is a must. The coach should remember that here the coach itself is the inspiration and the motivation to the student. More than motivating speech, motivating performances effects here.


Having a clear cut idea about the methods of training will help the students in preparing themselves. Some of the training method includes:

Week ends practicing: for those who is just having a passion for the dance and not aiming it as a profession and for competitive levels

Dance centers: those who are interested in the competitive level should have more practicing and the coaching centers would help them in giving more practicing opportunities.

Professional dance centers: this is professional institutions, giving support and guidance to those who wish to take dance as there profession. Here the method of teaching is very much vast than other type of coaching.


In the case of those who wish to consider the field of dance as profession, the coach should be more careful in the explanation of the different areas of dance. For example

Choreography is a part of dance, where the job is creating dances. Here the choreographer is to innovative and creative, as the performance always get changes according to the events. As this needs an extra skill of creativity all the students who loves dance cannot create it, even though they are an excellent performer.

The clear idea about the knowledge of dance will help the students to find out their actual talent and thus where to work.

They can work as a trainer, as a professional performer, or the both.