Drama Coaching

Drama is a field of performances and skills, and talent oriented. Since practice is the only way of developing and perfecting ones performances, skills and talents, the place of a coach in this field is at it highest peak.

As a drama coach, the coaching section starts with the explanation of the theory of drama, what is drama, different types of drama, various Medias where drama is performed, and the rules and regulations followed in drama, different areas of dramas, and different methods of drama coaching.

The clear idea of the above said knowledge will do the half of the coaching work, as this section helps the people in motivating themselves and also knowing there talents. Same as the students, it will help the coach to create a motivation in the students and to find out where their actual interest and the talents lie down.

As there is a lot of area in the field of drama, it is essential to know in which area the trainee needs the help. Different types of training are needed in different areas. For example

In drama, the Opera is a form of art, in which the combination of both musical and dramatic work takes place. Here the singers convey the drama. This is an art of western classic music tradition.

A student who is concentrating in opera, needs the training in playing orchestra, and in music. The duty of the coach is not just giving the training to the necessary fields, but should also make them thorough about the differences with the other forms. This will help them to understand the areas where they have to concentrate.

Do mention the areas where a person can work in the field of drama, and the media in which drama is performed. Some of the area where drama is performed is theatre, radio, film and television. Some of the field in which a student can work with the drama is as mentioned below

As a drama coach

As a audition coach

As a director

As a coach in the therapy session

As a script writer and production commission

As a coach for a professional actor

As a self confidence trainer

As a voice trainer

As a make up and costume coach, and many more.

These information are given so that the students are free to decide their field for training or for as a profession. Along with this the coach should also make them aware about the drama educational centers, which provides education for drama, other than practicing.

The student can work in the field as a professional coach or as professional actor, or the both.