Driving Coach

Driving is the controlling of a machine, with both physical and mental skills. Here it is the vehicle, which acts as a machine. With out the help of a coach it is not possible for the learning and practicing driving.

There are different types of driving coaching depends upon the interest and the need of the trainee. Some of the types of driving coaching are normal driving coaching, race driving coaching, club race driving coaching, etc.

In all type of driving coaching the basic rules of driving is same. The coach should make clear about these rules and regulations, which has to followed and maintained at the time of driving to the trainees at the time of coaching. The teaching and practicing of the driving should always be in a slow process and in a carefully crated situation. This is to be paid special attention by the coach at the time of coaching, because the chance of accident is more at the time of learning and training.

If the trainee is looking for a normal driving, that is for the use in the normal life, the coach is to remind the trainee about the speed controlling at the time of driving in the traffic. Also this type of driving needs to get practice, in using the vehicle in the road.

In the case of race driving, the rules are different from the normal driving. Here the coach needs to focus on giving the training in maintaining the lap times, speed controlling and adjusting according to the race.

The coaches for each type of driving are different. For the training of normal driving, a person who is skilled in driving, having a four wheeler or a two wheeler license can train the trainees. But in the case of race driving the coaches should also be qualified in such a race.

The coaching time is set according to the convince of the trainee. Throughout the training, the coach does assessment works, so that to make sure that the coaching is getting effecting.


Driving is a skill of both physical and mental. At the time of coaching, it is to be trained, how to operate the vehicle successfully even in the midst of traffic. This is possible only if the person knows how to apply the driving rules on the road correctly and timely, and the duty of a coach is to make the trainee aware about this and providing with sufficient opportunities. These awareness and the practice will help the driver to understand the basics of vehicle handling.

The physical training includes the mastering of tasks like having the control of the direction, speed and deceleration. For the effective use of the physical skills, the coaching should pay attention in clearing the use and the functions of the various parts of the vehicle like engine stating system, transmission to the correct gear, using of the pedals with the feet for the purpose of accelerating, slow, stop. Again the use of physical skill comes when the driver is to use the clutch, steering, indicators, headlights, windshield wipers. Hence these activities are performed with the physical skill, it needs a lot of practice for the proper usage, even at the emergency situations.

Mental skills in the field of driving is so important, as the lack of this skill is the factor for the cause of accidents. Under this skills come not only the involvement of following the road rules literally, but also the cultivation of the habit of maintaining attention and a thoughtful and a cooperative attitude. This is only gained through a perfect coaching. For the development of the mental skills, the coach can use some of the tests like talking to the driver about the topics the trainee is interested and well versed, putting music in between driving, asking the trainee driver to notice something at the time of driving etc. This will avoid the driver from the distraction of the mind.

Apart from all the above said skills, the coach should also mention down about the following things to maintain.

Proper hand placement and seating position

Making good decisions based on road and traffic conditions

Evasive maneuvering

Skid control

Steering and braking techniques

Understanding vehicle dynamics

The coaching sees its ending effectively only once the coach mentions down the trainees about the driving laws which is to be followed. There are rules of the road, driver licensing and vehicle registration which has to be applied when driving vehicles on the public roads.