English Coaching

The language English is a world wide spoken language. As we know the language is the means of communication. But the language English is more than a means of communication; it is a job oriented language also. The coach can help the student in enabling in the effective use of the language for the individual needs, and for the international and the professional appearances.

The coaching should be systematically planned by the coach. Basically the coach himself will be an English tutor. The coaching include the understanding the importance of the English language and the role of this language planning in the daily life of a man. The explanation should also include, specifying the position of the English language in providing job opportunities. This will help in motivating the students in developing their skill in the effective usage of the language.

Through the coaching students should be able to converse with ease, to negotiate and to be aware of cultural differences. Do mention about the different types of English spoken like American English, British English and the normal spoken English. This to make them aware about the different accent in the language. Training can be given individually or with in a group, depends up on the need of the student.

Since there are a lot of aspects in the construction of a language, it is important for the coach to go detailed in to the language. Since learning a language is a passion, the student should all of first love the language. This is the responsible of a trainer to create this affection to the language. This can be done through motivating speeches in the same language, telling about the positive sides of the language, and training the language in an interesting and easy method.

The place of the English language in the history is as a “global language” is a fact that each and every trainees should keep in mind before starting the coaching. The training of the language is to be given on the basis of the students need. For that the student should know the different types of the English language used. The constructed varieties of English language are as follows:

Basic English: as simple and easy for the purpose of international use.

Special English: simplified version of the language, with only 1500 vocabulary words

English reform: the attempt to improve collectively upon the language

Sea speaks and air speaks: for the communication of international cooperation and communication in specific areas

Manually coded English: meant for deaf education


After the introduction of the basis of the language, the coach can slowly go into the depth of the language, with the training of phonology, which deals with the vowels, consonants, voicing and aspiration, tone groups, characteristics of intonation, grammar, vocabulary, basic sound letter correspondence, written accents, formal written English, and the basic and simplified versions.

All these aspects have to be trained very carefully, as it plays a vital role in the proper usage and functioning of the language. For the better and easy usage of the language, the students are to be provided with lots of works regarding reading, writing and speaking. This is the duty of the coach to provide the opportunities. This can be done through conducting tests, giving assignment works, conducting seminars and debates, asking them for report writing on specific topics etc.

These methods will help the students to be used with the language and thus increase a passion for the language, in them automatically.

These practicing will also help the teacher to find out the mistakes and the weak areas of the each student and thus providing them with more works and training in the specified areas.

There are coaching centers for the English language, where giving full concentration for the development the language use. Training language for the business use the high level of training which is intended for the purpose of professional oriented.