Executive Coaching

The executive position in a company or in an organization is that same as the manager of the company, which highest post in the field is. Therefore the duties of an executive personality extents to a vide range. Normally the coaches, performing the training of these executives will be highly qualified in the same area, with sufficient experiences. They use to processes an ICF accredited coach certification from coach training school.


As the position of a chief executive officer is in the highest-ranking, the need for an efficient coaching or training to the position is inevitable just because the works assigned to this post are many. Due to the same reason itself, the coaching section of this position should start with the detailed explanation about the post and the responsibilities an executive officer has to perform. This explanation can include, in which all areas does the work of an executive is necessary. Some of the areas in which this post is working are in a corporation, company, organization or an agency. All these explanations will guide and help the students to get the importance of the position as an executive officer. This knowledge will also play as a motivation and create an inspiration in the students and in the employees


Make the students understand that the duties and the responsibilities of an executive officer is at the highest rank, as a corporate officer, administrator, corporate administrator, executive, or as a executive officer. An executive officer is in charge of total management of the company or the organization in which he or she is working.

As an executive officer, the reporting of all the reports is with the board of directors or with the organization’s owner. Their responsibilities include internal communication and press releases. Make clear that the work assigned for the post is different in different countries. Even the position title also differs.

The above said are the basic knowledge and the duties with which a coach has to concentrate at the starting level of the coach. The further explanation of the post is to be given from the second level. This is to avoid, the feeling of difficulties in the mind of the students. Slow explanation will create a feel of ease in them and this creates a passion for the post in them.


It is the responsibilities of the coach to make the students clear about their responsibilities as an executive officer. They should be given an awareness about the subordinate executives, who is responsible to work under an executive officer. Some of those workers include chief financial officer, chief operating officer, chief marketing officer, chief information officer and a director of human resources.

Apart from these, in some companies depending on the organization structure various other functional areas may be controlled through the executive officer and these areas are:

Chief business development officer, chief development officer, chief knowledge officer, chief learning officer, chief strategy officer, chief risk officer, chief innovation process officer, chief creative officer

This information is given to create a sense of team working and the importance of the leadership qualities. The executive coach’s duty does not limit in the mere explanation of the fields in which an executive should work. The responsibilities exceed to the development of the qualities and the skills which is needed for an executive officer.

Among the skills to be developed, the quality and the skill in team working and leadership is the important one. For this the coach should assign works for the students to perform in group and also provide them with the team leading posts. Along with this the coach can also give the work which has to be performed individually. This is to make them clear about the benefits of team working, and the qualities a team leader should posses.

Some of the things the coach should point out are the importance in communication. Since the executive officer has to concentrate of a number of areas, he or she should be able to deal with the matters efficiently. Assigning of the work should be well planned and systematically. The communication with the subordinates should be clear and should always be willing to reach for their help in need. This is important because only in a tension free environment it able to bring out the maximum potentials of the workers. The coaching for the executives should aim at giving them the professional support and development for them to maximize the impact, result and fulfillment.


Besides the training of the above said skills, the real aim of the executive coaching is helping and supporting the individual and the organization that is looking for the convenient, confidential and the word- class performances.

Thus to summarize a aim of the executive coach is the overall development of an executive officer in the following aspects.

  • Helping them to overcome their high level of stress
  • Developing the qualities of being sustainable, strategic, and inspiring place
  • Mastering the skills in leadership, communication and emotional intelligence competencies
  • Developing the mentality to grow from feedback
  • To remain their passions and strengths with their natural gifts
  • To believe in the theory that there are still a lot more to learn and to gain the insight needed to excel at the next level of work
  • Stand strong in the changes
  • Keep growing, evolving and generating transformational results in the life of the executive officers life and organizations.