Fire Fighting Coaching

Duties of A Fire Fighting Coach:

The duties of a fire fighting coach are not as easy and simple as other types of coaching. This is because, the field itself is risky, and need the trainees to be skilled physically and mentally. As in all coaching, here also the coach has to develop the trainee to explore the maximum of his potentials.

As the job of fire fighters is to prevent the destructions in the life, property and the environment from destructive fires, this is a field of challenging and rewarding. The society keep their believes in the fire fighters, at the time of rescue and in return the fire fighters are the provided with respect and is considered as the role model to the society. Conveying these messages to the fire fighter trainees will give an impact and inspiration to them and thus they will get a mind of challenging.

Make aware about the duties and the responsibilities of a fire fighter and the fields in which they are to work with. This is to increase the feelings of the importance of a fire fighter as a society protector, in the minds of the trainees. The coach has to train the students in building up a challenging mind, as they are to face a lot of challenging situations at the work time like fighting fires, rescuing situations, fire prevention etc.

Fire fighting training should include the well training of the skills and knowledge necessary for the effective dealings with the emergency situations. Punctuality or time keeping is one of the must skills which have to be trained because it is that important to reach the fire affected place at the earliest to prevent more distraction. This quality can be developed in each trainee by providing them with tasks that has to be done with in limited time. The tasks can be challenging too. Motivational speaking will also work out a lot. The trainees can be asked to go through the reports of several fire fighting that has taken place around them and in the past. This will help them in getting more clear pictures about the place affected by the fire, situation and emotions of the people affected by fire, and the need for a fire fighter. Sufficient training should be given to the trainees to develop the skills needed at the time of emergency services.

The duties of a fire fighter coach does not limits with in the explanation and the training of the skills and responsibilities, but also in detailing about the qualifications and the career opportunities that is waiting for the individuals seeking a career in the emergency services.

Details Of Qualification:
The individual who wants to select emergency services as his career should know about the qualifications he has to attain, in order to be fit for the job. The details include:

A graduation on the subject

Certification from career fire fighter program (CFFP)

Training using the conventional and state of the art technology

Entrance requirements:  tests for testing the high level of physical and emotional rigor

Primary care paramedic certification (PCD)

Along with this there are some program courses like:
Fire fighting practices level 1and 2

Fire apparatus driver/operator

Hazardous materials awareness

Hazardous materials operations

Vehicle extrication

Career Opportunities

Graduates in this field can find employment in emergency services related areas

Areas like federal, provincial and municipal emergency services

Areas requiring industrial and institutional safety

Specialists and equipment sales dealing with fire and emergency services

Municipal emergency services requiring primary care