First Aid Coaching

First aid is the processes of giving initial and emergency treatment to a person who is injured. This is not the final treatment given to the patient, but just a taking a preventive measures to avoid danger.

The first aid coach will be a person from the field of medicine awareness, because this needs the skill of treatment. The coach is designed with the job of training the students, the importance of first aid, the procedures of first aids, requirements needed for providing first aid, fields which needs the help of first aids and many more things.

The basic thing the coach should train the students are the skills needed and the qualities a first aid provider should gain. The first aid provider should have a calm and pleasant appearance with a positive thinking attitude. This is because, the patients will be of different character with different mental attitudes and conditions. It is necessary for a first aid provider to come down to the level of the patient, so as to give them the mental power and to clear their doubts. Mental power plays a vital role in the act of rescuing the patients. Train the students to keep in the mind that the victims usually reaches first in the hands of first aid provider. So the need of thinking and acting immediately is something which is inevitable.

These skills and qualities in a person, who seeks this field as a career, can be developed by giving sufficient and more opportunities, for performing such activities. For this the coach can arrange medical camps, where they have to face all these situations. For developing the skills needed at the time of emergency situations, the coach can ask the trainees to work with the team who is providing emergency services like rescue teams.

Effective life-saving first aid requirements need hands on training by the experts. This will surely make them clear about the main aims of providing first aid. The main 3 aims of providing first aids are as follows:

Preserve life

Prevent further injury

Promote recovery

Protect yourself


As the main use of first aid is of preserving life, there are certainly some information to be kept in the mind of a first aid provider before promoting the treatment. This knowledge can be attained only through an efficient trainer, because any type of care taking is not what is first aid means. It is the systematic way of treatments, with an intention of preserving and promoting a life. Therefore the single most importance of training should give in providing the first aid giver the knowledge of the primary diagnosis that includes “Airway, Breathing and Circulation”

These ABC indicates the importance of providing:

The first aid giver should first go through the surroundings of the treat, whether it is providing Airway for the patient

Then to in to the investigation of Breathing of the patient. Find out is there any breathing problems in the patient.

The third step follows the Circulation of the blood. Is there any bleeding, proper blood circulation is taking place etc.

The coach should mention down the importance of these three steps which has to be done at the time of providing first aid. Also train the students to keep this information at mind all the time.

Once the care taker is finished with these steps the training can be given in dealing with the further promoting recoveries like dealing with injuries such as cuts, grazes or broken bones.

The first aid coaching should also concentrate in the first aid symbols, since these symbols indicates different meaning in different countries.


There are several types of first aids given, and a student should know about it, this can develop a passion for the job in them. This too will help them to find out in which type of first aider they should work with and for. Some of the types of first aid which required are:

Aquatic/Marine first aid

Battlefield first aid

Hyperbaric first aid

Oxygen first aid

Wilderness first aid

At the time of explaining about the types of first aid, the coach should concentrate in mentioning that these types of first aids are usually undertaken to fulfill the demands of the work or activity undertaken

Do remind to train the students to understand that there are certain area where first aid is provided. The easy way of explanation to this can be done by telling that the treatment given before the patient is taken the casualty is the first aid.


The training of the first aid will be completed only once the coach gives the ideas about the first aid kits which has to carried out. Apart from the basic kits there are different types of first aid kits for different types of injuries.