Fitness Coach


The term Coaching or Training is not a new word. In the past, many people conducted different forms of Coaching classes. They did not call themselves as Coaches as we know today. Prior to the term Coaching or Coaches, they were called as advisors, consultants or a helping hand in solving complex problems. Coaching is not a mere counseling, advising or any kind of psychotherapy & hence there are no State laws uniquely formed to govern them. You have the freedom in selecting your own specific training class.

Fitness Coaching

Fitness refers to different aspects. Before beginning any fitness program, people must have an knowledge about the types or kinds of programs involved in it. There are different types such as Aerobic training, Cardiovascular, Stretch & Flexibility, Sports, etc. Understanding of these terms is very important & this can be gained with the help of a Fitness Coach.

Fitness Coaching classes are conducted on a large basis. This has become a vital part of life. Specialized training centers have been opened to help people who wish to be a Fitness Coach. They can also get additional information from Instructional DVD’s, Fitness Books & also written Worksheets from Professional Trainers.

Fitness Programs

A different level of coaching is required for kids, adults & Senior people. Fitness Coaching also involves Nutrition care, Diet levels, Diet exercises, Medications, Safety Rules, and Durations & Weight Management. Hence it is necessary that the Coach is aware of the pros & cons when a person practices Fitness lessons. A Coach should always understand & provide all the essential tips & techniques to be followed while practicing.

Fitness Plans

The primary purpose of a Fitness Plan is to provide maximum strength & endurance to perform. The Coach should always prepare a plan in such a way that people don’t get hurt causing serious injuries to their health. The exercises will be planned out beforehand & divided according to the level of its difficulty. Each plan is well organized & created separately for each individual. This helps to maintain an even balance & helps both the Coach & trainee to learn better.

All exercises cannot be performed at any time of the day. There are certain methods & rules to be followed like when to exercise, where, what equipments to be used, what to avoid, etc. It is also important to know how to use an exercise machine, at what speed & how long it should be done. A Coach should always provide a detailed handout so that it helps the trainee to understand better & also to achieve maximum benefit.

Fitness Institutions

  1. School of Fitness Education, Bangalore.
  2. Institute of Medical Fitness Expertise, New Delhi.
  3. Institute for Health, Nutrition & Diet, Mumbai.
  4. Professional centers like Aerobics, 24 hour Fitness & Life.
  5. On-line courses & International Certified Exams from International Fitness Association.