Gmat Coaching


Coaching is essential for every individual to attain his/her goals. It is important to have right knowledge before taking Challenges. Coaching helps in getting a clear view about the subject & it also helps in achieving the goal in an organized manner. Coaching not only builds confidence in an individual but also boosts your morale and motivates person in achieving highest level of accuracy.


It is necessary to understand what Gmat is. Gmat refers to the Graduate Management Admissions Test. It is one of the International Entrance Test that is required for students taking up higher or advanced study. It has a unique method of answering & students are required to be well prepared. Coaching helps students to be well prepared. Students aspiring for a bright future in Management studies can seek help from Course books, GMAT Coaching centers & also through on-line.

Gmat Program

Most of the Management Institutions all over the world requires Gmat scores for providing admission. Gmat is not like other any regular examination. It is entirely different. It is a Computer based exam where each candidate gets a different question paper to answer. Each question has a time limit & students are required to answer all the questions in a systematic order within the specified time limit. Hence the Coach should prepare his students in such a way that they are capable of answering under high pressures.

Teaching Gmat

Gmat scores is one of the major factors considered in getting admission into the Business School that a student desires. Hence it is very important for the Coach to teach students to the Standards specified by the Management institutions, which helps them in achieving their goal. It is necessary for the Coach to recognize the potential of the students & guide them to understand the pattern of the question paper.

Lesson Plan

A lesson plan always guides students in knowing how to approach a problem & what method helps in solving it with minimal use of time. A Coach should teach his students where & when they should be quick in answering so that it saves time for solving complex issues. It is necessary for both Coach & the student to understand each other & work at the same pace to achieve the goal.

Basic Format

Gmat is a standardized test that evaluates the Mathematical, Verbal & Analytical skills of a student. The entire question paper is divided into different sections where each has a certain number of questions to be answered. Each question has different marks to be scored based on the level of its difficulty. Total marks the test is conducted for is 800. The Coach must make students aware of the basic pattern of the Exam beforehand so that it helps them in better understanding like :

  1. What points has to be scored to be considered best
  2. How to analyze an issue
  3. What technique can be used in solving complex Math problems
  4. How to read an English comprehension & answer the questions
  5. What amount of time is required to be spent on reading.
  6. How many times a student can take the test.

Coaching Institutions

  1. Expert Coaching Institution, Chennai
  2. GMAT Learning Center, Bangalore
  3. Champions Institute for GMAT, Chandigarh.