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About Coaching

Many a time we think all our dreams can be achieved on our own. It’s not true all the time. By following our own method we can definitely achieve our goal, may be cannot be the best. For any person to succeed in his career path & to be called as the Best, it is necessary to get proper guidance before facing the challenges. Coaching is the best choice to gain success. It prepares you to face the worst & emerge as a Champion to fulfill your dreams. Coaching can be considered as a backbone of success.


Like any other Entrance test, GRE is also a standardized test. The Graduate Record Examination(GRE) evaluates the Mathematical, Verbal & Analytical Writing skills of a student. GRE scores are usually required for Prospective students taking up higher study in USA. GRE is developed & administered by Education Testing Service of USA. Students have to be well rehearsed before taking the test as writing skills are tested. GRE scores are required by the students applying in any stream of advance study except Management, Medicine & Law.

Gre Program

GRE is not similar to any other customary examinations. It is also a Computer based exam like GMAT where two students get entirely different questions to answer. Students cannot skip any question. All questions must be answered with in the specified time duration. As the writing skills are tested, the Coach is required to train students under tight situations giving minimal room for mistakes.

Teaching Gre

Preparing students for this kind of test is not only an easy task for the Coach but also requires time & patience. Before beginning the course, it is necessary to understand the ability of the student to perform under pressure. This helps both the student & the Coach to work to the levels of accuracy required for successful completion. Students must also be guided on the different patterns of the paper that helps them in scoring maximum points.

Lesson Plan

A well-prepared layout plan helps in proper construction of a building. Similarly, a well written lesson plan is a self-guide to the students. It gives a clear vision on how to solve problems in more appropriate manner. It is an easy way where students can know when, where & on what issues they have to spend more time and how to compile an English writing in an effective manner.

Basic Format

Any student applying for an advanced study using GRE scores must be a graduate. This is similar to GMAT where in the paper is categorized into different sections. These sections appear in a random order for very paper. All the questions have to be answered & each carries different marks. The paper is separated under 3 categories namely: English, Maths & Essay writing. The test is conducted for a maximum score of 1600 where any score of 1300 & above is accepted to be good. GRE scores also helps students in obtaining Scholarships.

Coaching Institutions

  1. Excellent Coaching School, Ahmedabad.
  2. Zambian Institute of Excellence, Kolkota.
  3. Zeal Education Center, Bangalore
  4. GRE for Beginners, Hyderabad
  5. On-line Training & Self Testing, International Association.