High Performance Coaching

Organisational Behavioural Pattern

Organizational behavioural patterns are a composition of the complex behavioural patterns that the people forming that organisation reflect. Human beings follow what they see. Organizational patterns are thus a copy of what the top level managers reflect.High Performance Coaching

Behavioural pattern from childhood

Strangely enough human beings are known to carry their childhood behavioural patterns right into the adulthood. They tend to do the things for which they are given attention to. This behavioural pattern when they move into their professional lives tends to affect the way they behave in the workplace.

If they have been loud and given attention for that in their childhood they would do exactly the same when they are in the workplace. So our average workplace is full of employees who are programmed right from their childhood.

Key to successful high performance coaching

The key to a successful high performance coaching depends on the type of leadership that the organisation has. The composition of the leadership depends on the basic behavioural pattern of the people that make it up. They way they interact with their team members, how they perceive the others outside the organisation, how calm or composed they are in an event, how do they approach solution of a problem.

They problems associated with these managers are that when they have reached a specific milestone in their careers they often have this notion that they do not need help. They carry inherent defects in their mannerism and carry their developed characteristics which are hard to change and thus affect the general manner in which they perform their duties and lead their teams.

The carrots and sticks approach

To create an environment that encourages high performance then the organisation needs to have a system of rewarding their employees. Go getters and known risk takers in the organisation need to be looked after and backed by the seniors in the organisation. They need to be promoted and create an example of the kind of behaviour that is expected from all the employees in the organisation.

This will be encourage the others and create a very strong pool of managers who are tough decision makers, go getters and will transform the organisation into a heaven for achievers.

Often barriers to organisational approach to high performance coaching come directly from the CEO / MD level. This creates lower down the level where the resistance becomes stiff as this is an organisational attitude towards change and adoption of new methodology. The notion of change often attributed to high performance coaching will without the active support of the top level management will be difficult to implement.

The CEO / MD of organisations often do not understand fully the implications of the changes that are to be implemented and often lose out on performance measurement and assessment of the organisations internal efficiency. This creates long lasting impact of the profitability of the organisation. Important changes which can create a better organisation and usher an environment of high performance coupled with a reward system that promotes it will be lost.

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