Hockey Coaching

About Coaching

Coaching is a vital part in any kind of sports. Coaching provides knowledge about the sport. It not only teaches the rules & methods to play it but also acts as a backbone in the development of a successful player. Coaching builds Confidence to take the challenges of the sport & acts as a liaison between learning & success. To put in simple words, Coaching is the stepping stone of success.

Hockey Coaching

Hockey is one of the oldest sports in India, which dates back to 1908. It was first played when British Regiments introduced it. It was called as Stick & Ball game. Just like any other game, Hockey also has different areas of concentration, namely Flag post, Shooting Circle, Goal post, Center line, side lines & goal lines.

Hockey coaching is available in most of the schools. Many a times, these coaching classes are conducted in open field or grounds. People who wish to learn the game have to pay certain amount as training fee. But most of the time free coaching is also provided. They are conducted separately for boys & girls. Candidates are given guidance on proper way of holding the bat, placing of legs, rotating of the wrist, etc.

Hockey Coaching Program

A coaching program’s main attention is on providing learning tips & practice to the students. It helps in developing skills, concentration, belief & also helps in determining strengths & weakness of the candidate. This way the Coach can know better about his students. This paves way for the betterment & development of the student.

Teaching Hockey

Teaching is an essential part of the game. It is important that the coach should be very clear in explaining the aspects of the game. The coach should always be sure about what he is teaching & the techniques he is using.

The responsibility of the coach will be more as the candidates will not be aware about any of the rules, methods or the way the game is played & at the same time it involves many new terms to be explained like the boundary lines, Short lines, Halfway line, center line, etc.

Hockey – Basic Rules

The students always follow what a Coach teaches them. Hence it necessary that the coach is completely thorough about the basics so that students don’t have any doubts while understanding the rules. Only a well expertised coach can provide clear vision about the game by explaining about the:

  1. Signals used by the umpires
  2. Shape & length of the ground
  3. How & when to hit the goal.
  4. Methods of defending goal
  5. What is a Penalty Corner & Penalty Stroke
  6. How a game can be won.

Hockey Positions

It is important to know how the game is played, so the coach must guide the students beforehand. Hockey is played between two teams each consisting of 10 players & a Goal Keeper. Total of 11 players. Both the team captain’s will come together for the toss & the winner selects his end.

Hockey Institution

  1. Indian Association of Hockey Players
  2. Indian Hockey Club, Kolkota
  3. Women’s Sports Academy, Punjab
  4. National Hockey Association, New Delhi

Other Coaching Institutions

  1. Bangalore Hockey Association
  2. Dhyan Chand School of Sports