Ias Coaching

About Coaching

Coaching is the first step of success. It is a creative process that promotes a candidate to maximize his potential. It is an overall development of a candidate both personal & professionally. In simple words, it is an organization where both the candidate & the Coach openly discuss with each other that enhance the skills & creativity of the candidate.

IAS Coaching

Indian Administrative Service is one of the most powerful posts to be held in India. It has powers at all levels in the government organization. It is not limited only to District level. IAS is an attractive service with name, fame & glamour. This premier service was constituted way back in 1947. It is one of the highly reputed Civil Services in India.

IAS is not an easy job. As said earlier, IAS operates at different levels such as Central, State & District. It is a very responsible position & needs proper skills, support & an organized method of functioning. To be a successful candidate for the position, Coaching is very important. The Coach should be aware of the government structure & how an IAS officer should be prepared to face the difficulties. There are many institutions & training centers opened to do the needful. Candidates willing to take up IAS exams can attain these classes. On-line coaching is also made available where students are though by highly professional coaches.

IAS Coaching Program

A coaching program helps students to understand better. Taking an IAS exam not only requires skills & intelligence, a candidate has to qualify for it. An IAS program has its own procedures to be followed. A Coach must have complete knowledge about the steps, procedures & the criteria required by a candidate to take this challenge.

Teaching IAS

IAS is a government service that requires a student to know how a Government organization works. Students must be aware of the laws that are essential to be followed at all levels as IAS is not related to any one departmental level. Candidates are expected to know the policies, procedures, government affairs, administration, law & order and how to lead a team to achieve effective results.

A student can learn all these with the help of a Coach. A coach is required to give a clear view on Government issues & requirements so that it helps candidates in better understanding of the structure. Training candidates in all the fields of administration & law helps in attaining the goals & also brings out the exceptional qualities in a candidate.

IAS Lesson Plan

It is necessary to generate a lesson plan that guides a candidate in evaluating his strengths & weakness. It not only gives an idea to the students on how to proceed but also prepares them for future challenges.

The coach must decide in advance what & how he is going to teach a student. Coach must be precise in teaching so that candidates can understand easily. It is important to follow a procedure in teaching so that it doesn’t create confusions in the minds of the students. A well prepared lesson plan acts as a guideline for the candidates to follow not only at the time of teaching but also for future references.

Basic Procedure

Like any other Civil service exam, IAS also has a procedure to be followed by the candidates who wish to pursue their dream of becoming an IAS officer. It is necessary for a Coach to make students aware of the rules involved before taking the examination like:

  1. How to get an application
  2. What is the syllabus prescribed by the law
  3. Does it have any age limit
  4. What is the eligibility criteria required for applying
  5. How many times they can attempt for an exam.
  6. How is the candidate selected.

UPSC – Union Public Service Commission

Civil Services attaining quick importance in the Politics of the Nation, British Government decided to set up a Commission to review the recruitment services. First Public Commission was brought into existence in 1926. However, due to its limited functions this commission did not last long. This commission could not satisfy the needs & aspirations of the people. Hence a new Commission was constituted under Indian act 1935. This new set up was called as Federal Public Services, which for the first time made provisions for Public Services at State & Central levels. This autonomous body ensured unbiased services that also protected the interests of the people. Federal Public Services was finally awarded a Constitutional Status & the name was changed to Union Public Services Commission.

Today IAS exams are conducted successfully under effective supervision of UPSC. UPSC decides on examination pattern, syllabus, criteria requirements, Eligibility 7 also the dates & place of Examination.

IAS Institutions

IAS institutions can be found all over India.

  1. Chanakya IAS Academy, Ahmedabad
  2. Kadamba IAS Study Center, Bangalore
  3. Preface IAS Institute, Bhopal
  4. Career Coaching, Allahabad
  5. IAS Today, Chandigarh

Other Institutions

  1. Radian Academy, Chennai
  2. Career Quest, New Delhi
  3. Center for Civil Services, Hyderabad
  4. Bose Academy for IAS, Kolkota