Iit Coaching


People often ask question why am I not successful like others. Success doesnot come easily. We need to strive hard. It requires hard work, concentration & proper guidance. Coaching helps in achieving the goals by enhancing the talents of the people. It provides knowledge & directs people in realizing their potentials. Coaches known as mentors teach different methods & techniques that help students in understanding better. Coaching helps people to become more capable in solving problems that in turn leads to self growth & development.

IIT Coaching

The Indian Institute of Technology popularly known as IIT is an autonomous group of institutions mainly for Engineering & Technology related higher education in India. IIT was formed after Indian Independence in 1947. To support the Economic & Social developments, IIT’s were specialized to provide training for the Scientist & Engineers to develop a well skilled workforce.

As a requirement, to get admission in any institute, students have to go through written tests. Similarly, IIT admissions for different courses are also based on entrance test where in students have to get minimum prescribed percentage of marks to be selected. It is necessary that students take proper coaching classes that are available through Course books, Coaching centers, Self preparing Work books & also through On-line coaching.

IIT Program

IIT’s are established all over India in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kanpur, Guwahati, Kharagpur & Roorkee. Thought they are established at different places, they all operate through a common center that administers efficient working of these establishments. IIT holds a special position as Institutes of National Importance as under the Indian Institute of Technology Act.

IIT offers Undergraduate & Post Graduate programs. The admission at all IIT’s for Undergraduate programs is done through a Joint Entrance Examination popularly known as IIT-JEE. This exam is conducted to test the knowledge of the candidates in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry.

Post Graduate admissions vary from Undergraduate admission test. The courses available for Post Graduation are M.Tech, M.Sc & Management studies. The admissions for M.Tech courses are conducted through GATE i.e Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, JAM – Joint Admission to M.Sc for M.Sc courses & JMET- Joint Management Entrance Test for Management courses.

Number of candidates appearing for IIT entrance is huge but the availability of seats is very limited. Students need be trained above par to be selected. Hence the coach has to provide complete & precise information so that students can prepare & perform well in the competitive exam.

Teaching IIT

IIT is a highly competitive institution. The superior infrastructure & best trained faculty members adds for the competition among the students to get admission. IIT provides subsidized fee structure & Scholarships for all the students pursuing M.Tech course to encourage students to take up higher studies. Being an autonomous body, IIT is not a part of State Politics or student’s politics. Government doesnot have direct control over the policies of these institutions all though they are a part of Council.

English is the medium of instruction at all IIT’s. They have their own library to provides students with additional books for reference. The teaching methodology & training of the faculties are regularly revised to improve the standards of education. Students are thought on a broader sense to achieve their goals.

Lesson Plan

A lesson plan provides answers to the questions on how, when, where, what & whom. Similarly, IIT’s controls all the aspects related to conducting of exams, curriculum formation, courses to be offered, number of candidates to be selected, method of evaluation & declaration of results. This unique system allows students to understand the standards required to perform well. It also helps coaches to understand the requirements of the students & teach them accordingly.

Basic Format

IIT being an individual authority follows system of Performance Evaluation with due importance to the weighting of courses. Usually the Total marks is set for 100 that forms the basis of grades & the grade value assigned to the marks is out of 10. the entire study course is divided into Semesters & in each semester student’s performance are judged on a scale of 0-10. Evaluation of each semester is done individually & doesnot affect other semesters. Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) or Cumulative Performance Index(CPI) is calculated by taking the average of the grades from all the semesters to know the performance of a student.

Students are also provided with advanced courses from other departments like Humanities, Social Sciences & Management to have knowledge on other subjects also. As a part of their curriculum, students are required to do a project study at an industry or an institute. Once the students complete their course of study successfully, they are provided with Placement assistance.

IIT’s are also offering courses in MBA, M.Tech & M.Sc. Some of the IIT’s offer Diploma courses in Information Technology, Medical Sciences, Maritime Operation & Management, Intellectual Property Law, City Planning & Master of Design. IIT’s are also offering Ph.D degrees as a part of their doctoral education programme.

Students at IIT are provided with on-campus residential facilities. Students are provided with Hostel facilities that include their boarding & mess charges. IIT prepares it students not only in the field of education but also in learning culture & sports. Every student is required to be a part of National Service Scheme(NSS), National Cadet Corps(NCC), or National Sports Organization(NSO). They also encourage students to have interest in sports like Cricket, football, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming & Athletics. All IIT’s organize Cultural & Technical Festivals for 3-4 days. It is a competition among different hostels where students take part in different activities like Rangoli festival, drama, music, dance, debate, literature & fine arts. Inter-college Sports events are also organized among different IIT’s.


IIT’s are recognized all over India as well as outside India. The degrees offered by IIT is recognized by AICTE & therefore all other institutions accept it. They are considered to be World-class institutes as they quickly implement & adapt to the changing scenarios in the field of education as well as society. IIT don’t encourage any kind of politics & keeps a strict vigilance in maintaining it. The procedure of selecting meritorious students through a Joint Entrance Exam(JEE) adds to the success of IIT’s. IIT’s are considered to be highly successful institutions & ranked above all the other engineering colleges.

Coaching Institutions

Coaching institutes for IIT can be found all over India. Some of the top institutes available are:

  1. IIT-JEE Coaching Institute, Kota
  2. Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  3. PACE Institute for IIT-JEE, Mumbai
  4. IIT Coaching Center, Hyderabad.