Language Coaching


People are ambitious of achieving their goals. They follow different methods to convert their dreams into reality. Coaching is one of the technique that trains a person or a group of people in developing their skills. Coaching provides support & in depth knowledge required for the development of the students. Motivation & capacity to perform under stress is essential to be learnt by the students. Coaching is the stepping stone for success.

Language Coaching

Language is a mode of communication used by humans to convey a message. It doesnot have any particular rules to be followed. Each language may differ in sense of explaining what it means. It is not necessary that the meaning of a word in one language should be same in other languages also. This has raised interest for people to learn different languages. People can learn any language of their choice with the help of books, CD’s, coaching classes, online teaching, audio-video tapes, etc.

Language Program

Every country has its own official language. Some states have their own language for communication. Globalization has bought people together & this resulted in innumerous MNC’s to enter the country & set their business. People with knowledge of their local language was less preferred than people with multi lingual ability. Learning a language that was considered for earning a livelihood has now become an pride. Language learning centers have been set up everywhere. Any person with minimal knowledge about the language can expertise it. It is necessary for a coach to teach exact pronunciation of the words.

Teaching Language

Interpreting of a language is not an easy task. It is an intellectual activity that is carried on between  two or more people, orally or through a sign-language. Teaching & learning of a language has gained vast importance. Teaching can improve one’s native language but this is usually learnt to gain knowledge of a other language often called as Foreign language.

There are different methods of teaching a language such as Grammar Translation, natural method, Audio, Learning by Teaching, Directed Practice, Language immersion, etc. A coach can follow any of these methods in teaching his students. It is necessary for a coach to know the potential of the candidate & decide what method of teaching helps the students in understanding better.

Lesson Plan

Preparing a lesson plan helps students to know better as it gives information on how to learn, where to pause, when to answer, etc. A coach has to prepare a lesson plan in such a way that students can understand the simple grammars that has to be used while learning a new language. When a coach is away, a lesson plan acts as a referral in guiding them.

Strategies Of Learning

Learning any language can be simplified by using different strategies. Some of the commonly used strategies are:

  1. Code switching : students can learn a foreign language with the help of changing few words or sentences to their native language. This helps in improving their fluency & builds confidence for learning more before memorizing the actual vocabulary.
  2. Blended learning : it is method where students are though directly i.e face-to-face with a coach along with a computer or web based teaching. This helps students to learn more during their leisure time in any place.
  3. Private Tutoring : students can learn more effectively with the help of a private tutor who teaches them in their native language & also in actual language.

Language Schools

Language schools have been opened everywhere. It’s a school where people can learn foreign languages. People aspiring to learn a foreign language vary due to the factors of age, experience, interest, communication, education, grasping power, proficiency, etc. Hence it is necessary to have a coach who can teach foreign language by providing in depth information in both foreign as well as native language.

Learning a foreign language has become compulsory in many schools. Students are given education on foreign language to help them for a better future. Some of the foreign languages that are gaining fast recognition are French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Korean & Arabic. In many countries, schools for English coaching is also being opened. Among these foreign languages, Chinese is one of the fastest & largest growing language. The demand for learning Chinese has typically raised from past few years.

Number of Language schools is increasing with every year passing by. Students with bi-lingual ability have become top preferences in getting a job. A career with foreign language offers attractive positions. Professionals with foreign language knowledge are offered opportunities in Aviation, Tourism, Translators, Hotel Management, etc. With this increase in learning of a foreign language, the cost of learning has also gone up.

Coaching Institutions

Many Universities & colleges are offering foreign language courses for students to pursue a career like Certified Courses, Diploma Courses, Degree Courses, Post Graduation & even PhD.

  1. Alliance Francaise
  2. School of Languages
  3. Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages
  4. Max Mueller Center of Languages
  5. On-line Coaching