Life Coaching


Learning things in a better way is necessary for achieving success. Very few people understand the importance of getting properly trained before facing the contingencies of life. Coaching which was once only a option to reach our goals has now become one of the biggest profession for many people. Coaching helps people in realizing their potentials & train them in converting their weaknesses into strengths. It helps them to learn different techniques that can be used in solving problems. Coaching helps in bringing out all the capabilities in a person & convert it into success.

Life Coaching

Taking coaching classes to be successful in life was a common thing. But coaching about the Life itself was a very new concept. Many people often wondered what it could be. Coaching provides necessary advice & directs a person in the right path. Life coaching is entirely different from advising, guiding, or instructing.

Coaches deal with teaching candidates on how to be successful by giving complete information on the subject they want to know about. But Life coaching is a process where a person’s personal life is discussed. Here, how successful a person is in his relationship, how good he is at handling his professional & personal matters, what are the problems he is currently facing & what might arise in future, etc. are spoken so that both the coach & his client can work together in solving it & making a better life for the client.

Life Coaching Program

Often things are taken for granted & thought that anyone can deal with it in anyway. Handling of issues without a proper planning can be more dangerous. It adds to more complications instead of simplifying it. Hence it is necessary to handle things in a systematic manner.

Life coaching program should include all the methods or techniques that can help a client to understand better. A coach should be able to provide support at any time of the day. A coach should be available & be able to give additional coaching if required by a client through telephonic conversation, Email or even personal consultation. All the questions that a client may have should be asked without any hesitation as this helps a coach to know about his client in detail.

Teaching Life Coaching

Doing things for one’s self is easy than teaching. Teaching is a big responsibility as a person’s career or life is depending on it. It is important to provide proper & correct knowledge.

While teaching on Life coaching it is necessary for a coach to teach his clients on how to proceed & understand each other. A client should have confidence on his coach & a coach should build that confidence in the client. Life coaching totally depends on a Coach-Client relationship where it is necessary that a coach provides all the answers to the client’s questions & prepares him to face the challenges of the life. A client is the ultimate person to take decision on his life. But a coach should help his client to know what is best for him & his career by providing constant support & help him in recognizing the best among all other options that might be good.

Lesson Plan

It cannot always be said that a coach is available at all the time to give advice or help to know on solving problems. A lesson plan acts as a guide & provides information on how to tackle any unseen contingencies, what steps to be taken, how to measure the level of difficulty involved in it, etc. It is the responsibility of the coach to teach his students how to understand & decide what choices helps in targeting the problems & solving it successfully.

Basic Aspect

Life keep changing everyday. We have to make choices or take decisions on time to fulfill our dreams. To lead a happy life, it is necessary to maintain a balance in both personal & professional life. Learning essential aspects of life helps us in leading a well organized & contended life.

Personal life needs thinking from your heart while a Professional life depends on mind. Hence it is necessary for a person to handle his personal & professional life separately as the problems of a personal life is entirely different from the issues involved in a profession.

Life coaching plays a vital role in understanding the aspects of life. Each coaching may vary with the methods or techniques used to teach a person. But the ultimate aim is to design a proper approach that helps a person in his personal & professional growth. The coach must be aware of what approach he is using to teach his client. A coach must be able to provide alternative methods to solve a problem if the previous method is not helping to produce the desired results.

Life coaching not only depends on techniques to achieve success but it should also identify other related aspects that help in attaining the goals such as:

  1. managing stress
  2. creating a balance in life
  3. encouraging the creativity of the person
  4. better understanding about relationships & parenting
  5. improving motivation & morale
  6. providing knowledge on healthy living
  7. proper utilization of finances.

Understanding the factors that promote better living standards can change the life forever.

Coaching Institutions

  1. The Life Center
  2. iCoach Academy of Life Coaching
  3. Beacon Center for Life Coaching
  4. Online Coaching