Lifeguard Coaching

About Coaching

Coaching is necessary for every people who aspires to work in challenging jobs. It directs people in the right path by providing support & in-depth knowledge about the subject. A trained student’s achievements are comparatively high when compared with an ordinary student. A coach trains students using different techniques & methods that help in bring out the best in them. Coaching acts as a mentor in guiding students to achieve their goals.

Lifeguard Coaching

Lifeguard, as the name suggests is a person who looks after the safety of people at water recreational activities like swimming, water park or a beach. Lifeguards are trained & certified people for rescuing in water or land, administering first-aid & using equipments required for rescuing.

Coaches provide all the basic information that are required to rescue a victim. Students are given hands-on training on how to provide first-aid, removing water from lungs & stomach, how to do a cardiopulmonary resuscitation, etc. Students are required to ask questions & clear all their doubts as the duty of a lifeguard demands quick attention & sharp thinking.

Lifeguard Coaching Program

Lifeguards job is not an easy one. People cannot take things lightly or cannot perform activity according to their will & wish. Mis-handling of the equipments or wrong methods of administration can cost a person’s life. Hence it is necessary to handle things in a prescribed manner.

A coaching program should be well designed & practiced in a class-room before it is directly applied at the scene of emergency. As it is said, Practice makes man perfect, it is necessary that students learn & follow all the steps & procedures so that they can effectively attend a person at risk. Students & coach are required to understand each other well so that it helps coach to impart correct knowledge & students can learn better.

Teaching Lifeguard Coaching

Lifeguard teaching involves big responsibility as a coach needs to train his students on how to save a person’s life. It is necessary to provide correct information & methods of rescuing.

While teaching it is necessary that a coach observes what a student is learning & how he is performing it with other students. A student must be well trained as he is not only saving someone’s life but also putting his life at risk. A coach should train his students in all the aspects so that they can perform the duty of a lifeguard effectively without causing any harm to their own life.

Lesson Plan

In the absence of a coach, a lesson plan performs the task of a coach. It provides all the required details on how to rescue, what prevention skills has to be used, when to use an oxygen mask, what medications can be given as an first-aid, etc. It also trains students on other general matters like how to communicate to a hospital in case of emergency, how to talk to the public & what instructions a lifeguard has to provide to the people going into water.

Duites Of A Lifeguard

People think lifeguarding is fun, enjoyable & well paid job. But they are not aware of the risks a lifeguard takes while on his duty. The important duties of a lifeguard are :

  1. execute his skills in a appropriate way to prevent or reduce the chances of drowning or accidents.
  2. along with saving life they should be aware of any kind of life threatening situations that might arise & how to prevent it
  3. they should be able to make quick decisions on the methods of rescuing.
  4. how to communicate with the victim & other people around.
  5. keeping a close watch on swimmers & act according to the situation
  6. strictly enforce rules & see that it is followed by everyone
  7. all the safety equipments are clean & well maintained
  8. filling an injury report forms

Lifeguard Equipments

Every lifeguard must maintain equipments that are required for carrying out a rescue process. The lifeguard must carry it with him all the time. He should be proficient in using as the equipments many vary in style or type from one company’s make to another. The equipments that are required to be carried are:

  1. Whistle
  2. CPR i.e. oxygen mask
  3. First-aid kit
  4. a Watch
  5. Rescue Tube, Rescue Buoy
  6. automated external defibrillators
  7. Long spine board
  8. Megaphone or a Loud speaker
  9. long reaching poles to pull out the objects
  10. Binoculars

Coaching Institutions

  1. Red Cross Lifeguard Training Center
  2. Kadikoy Water Sports & Lifeguard training Center
  3. Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center
  4. Rashtriya Life Saving Society
  5. On-line Coaching