Music Coaching


People like to be identified among thousands. They want to get the best from life. To survive in today’s competitive world is not an easy task. Coaching has been considered as the most significant part in development of a person. It brings out the best in a student & helps in taking appropriate decisions. Coaching is not a mere consultation or a path finder. It helps people to improve their skills by building confidence. Coaching doesnot provide answers to the clients questions but it closely operates with its client & motivates them to find answers on their own.

Music Coaching

Music that is considered as a medicine to heal certain types of diseases is one of the oldest tradition. It is believed that Music is as old as Vedas. Many people have strived in developing Music to become a culture.

Music is classified as Classical & Instrumental. These again are divided into different stages. The most important aspect is that Music is based on two factors ie Raga & Tala. Raga is concerned with Melody while Tala is the Rhythm.

It is important that a coach is aware of all the major Raga’s & Tal’s used in the music. Students aspiring to become musicians can gain in depth knowledge by taking up music courses through Music schools, listening to great singers on DVD’s or even through a correspondence course offered by Music University.

Music Program

Music has two different forms namely Classical & Instrumental. Instrumental music is learnt by playing different instruments like Flute, Violin, Veena, Sitar, Tabla, etc. whereas Classical is purely based on Vocal music.

Classical is again divided into two forms namely North Indian that is also called as Hindustani & South Indian, which is also called as Carnatic music.

It is necessary that a coach has complete knowledge on these forms. Only a well learnt coach can train his students to become professionals. A coach should provide complete information on basics so that students can understand easily.

Teaching Music

Music has different forms, some belong to ancient times & some to modern time. Music has different meaning for different sect of people. It is a bhajan or kirtan for Hindus, a prayer for Christians, Khawali for Muslims & Shabad for Sikhs.

Teaching music is not everyone’s cup of tea. A coach must be aware of different forms, different Ragas & Tal’s involved in music. Music varies from region to region. A coach must teach his students how to begin & how to end a musical note. It is necessary to create their own styles to be recognized by the people.

Lesson Plan

A lesson plan is a referral. It give all the information that a candidate may require for  practicing when a coach is not around. A coach must teach his students all the important basics like musical notation. It is necessary that a coach teaches his student when to start an aalap & how to end it. Without the knowledge on the basics, it is difficult to learn music.

Music – A Brief View

Music is as old as Indian history. It relates back to Vedas & is believed that the great saint Purandara Dasa  is the pioneer of Classical Music. Music is based on Ragas & the melody along with different scales of singing varies with each Raga. Ragas were not written or composed by anyone like in case of Western music. It is passed on from generation after generation & hence it is not a single person’s idea.

A raga can be played on an Instrument as well as sung vocally. There are thousands of ragas that can be sung but the most important ragas are six, namely: Bhairavi, Deepak, Megha, Hindola, Malkaunsa & Shree.

The Ragas of Carnatic music or South Indian music is considered the oldest system in the world. Among thousands of ragas, 72 of them are considered as fundamental ragas & are compiled on 7 rhythmic cycles.

Music has become life for many great singers like Pandit Ravi Shankar, Zakhir Hussain, Balamuralikrishnan, M.S. Subbalakshmi, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pandit Jasraj etc. It can be noted that Western singers have also taken music lessons from these great people. 20th Century has produced some of the great composers who has written songs keeping our Carnatic music as a base. Indian history has produced & is still producing excellent vocalists & instrumentalist.

Coaching Institutions

Coaching institutions for all kinds of music can be found all over the world.

  1. Pandit Jasraj School of Music Foundation, Atlanta
  2. Saraswati Sangeet MahaVidyalaya, Delhi
  3. Indian Classical Music Center, Singapore
  4. Shankara School of Performing Arts, Bangalore.