Online Coaching

About Coaching

Learning is important for a person rather than method involved in it. People follow different strategies & plans to succeed in their life. Coaching can be the best method to achieve it. Coaching brings out the best in a person. Proper guidance, exact techniques & correct information can act as a base for bringing out extraordinary talent from an ordinary person. Lack of motivation can make even the best minds to astray. Coaching provides constant motivation to achieve the goals. Coaching classes helps in reducing stress & anxiety. It increases the performance levels & by sharing knowledge with other students they can be benefited mutually.

On-Line Coaching

On-line coaching is a new concept of learning. It can be describes as learning with a help of computer through a network that gives a student an opportunity to study anywhere, anytime on any course of his interest. It is entirely different to the concept of class room learning where students & teachers converse with each other face-to-face. It is a new method of coaching for students anywhere in the world. On-line coaching has gained importance for the reason of time saving. On-line coaching helps students to get complete information just by one click.

On-Line Program

The method of teaching through on-line is entirely different from traditional method of class room teaching. It is necessary that students learn the key factors involved in on-line coaching i.e Reading, Seeing, Listening, Doing & Speaking. Students are required to read texts, listen to audio clippings & see what strategy is used for solving problems. But here the doing & speaking is done actively through email, chat or writing. Hence a coach should prepare his students in such a way that they can understand the modern techniques of coaching & be capable of coping up with the fast moving world.

On-Line Teaching

On-line teaching has gained a prominent position in today’s teaching world. No matter what method of teaching is used, a good teaching technique is always considered a good method of teaching. The class room method has its own advantages & the On-line teaching its own.

On-line teaching allows students to learn at their pace. There is no compulsion that a student have to complete a task within an hour as in class room learning. On-line teaching can be provided to any student in any geographical area of the world. Most important factor is that students can schedule classes according to their availability & this allows greater number of students to participate. On-line teaching also benefits students in a greater way by conversing with other students & learn more precisely.

Lesson Plan

Good planning always produces good results. A lesson plan provides details on the functioning of the activity & helps in deciding when an task has to be carried out, what rules has to be followed, where to apply it & how to achieve desired results. It is necessary that a coach teaches his students how to save time & cost by adopting the modern techniques of learning.

On-Line Learning

On-line coaching is also called as e-learning, on-line education, distant learning, web based learning or computer based learning. On-line learning is considered as master of new skills compared to class room learning. It is been constantly redefined & designed accordingly for the benefit of the students.

There are different methods of on-line learning such as

  1. Pure On-line where all the questions & doubts of the students are answered only through emails or chat.
  2. Mixed learning where it is a combination of both on-line & campus learning.
  3. Self study where students are required to study & complete the assignments on their own.
  4. Computer based learning where the colleges sent CD disks to the students & they have to listen & learn.
  5. Audio-Video learning where students are provided with audio & video tapes to understand & learn with its help.

On-line coaching offers many courses from which the student can choose his choice of study. But selecting the right study course is important as it has to satisfy the needs & aspirations of a student. Hence a coach has to provide proper information so that the students applying for online learning can know which course to opt for which enhances their skills & performance to achieve their dream goal.

Benefits Of Online Coaching

Learning is important no matter what technique is followed. On-line learning produces same effective results as in a Class room learning. Some of the obstacles that are present in Class-room teaching can be avoided in On-line teaching like

  1. students can learn at their own pace where they have the choice of speeding up or going slow.
  2. 24 hour access to the course, other students & faculties helps in getting correct solutions to the problems.
  3. traveling time to the school or college is almost reduced which saves time & cost. Students can utilize the same time for learning.
  4. student related costs like tuition, accommodation, catering, etc will be reduced.
  5. helps to interact with senior students & learn more
  6. students can also contact other instructors for more information about the subject.
  7. it also enhances computer knowledge & internet working skills of a student.
  8. students can study from anywhere in the world & also any place like home or office.
  9. students can learn those topics, which they are not familiar with & skip the lesson they already know.
  10. students can follow their own method of learning that is best suited for them.

Coaching Institutions

On-line coaching being accredited by many schools & colleges can be found world wide.

  1. Academy for Professional Excellence, Kolkota
  2. Brilliant Center for Online Coaching
  3. Career Center of Learning
  4. Campus Abroad for Overseas Learning