Performance Coaching

What is performance coaching?

Performance coaching is the art of performance enhancement inside the organisation. This is the form of coaching where the business organisation’s goals and aspirations are taken into account for the development of programmes specially created for the development of the motivational, organisational and communicative strengths of the employees.

Performance coaching comes from the simple fact that any organisation is a team. If the composites of that team are not working in harmony then there are problems not only for the organisation as a whole but also the individuals who make up the team. Performance coaching looks to address this core issue.

Performance coaching helps the coached to discover their latent potential. It infuses strength and helps overcome his doubts there by increasing his focus and enhancing his performance.

One of the biggest hindrances to performance is doubt as it clogs the mind thereby reducing clear vision and a clear path to think and focus into the work in hand. In that frame of mind an individual cannot work nor provide value to the organisation and its actions.

The biggest help in performance coaching is it creates a state of mind which is relaxed and prone to learn and develop. An individual in this state of mind can learn rapidly overcoming shortcomings.

Continuous Employee Development Programme

Performance coaching is a part of the continuous employee development programme initiated by the Human Resource Team of most progressive businesses around the globe. It is one of the integral parts of the modern theory that Human Resources are the most important resources of the business.

Performance coaching aims at developing the motivational levels of the company’s employees and thereby increasing their levels of performance and contribution to fulfill the larger purpose of the development of the company goals itself.

Performance coaching is designed to keep the employees up-to-date with latest management techniques, problem solving attitude and with an increased sense of belonging and being looked after will help them get focus into their jobs and start enjoying it immensely.

Corporate coaching has the following distinct advantages –

  1. Increased profitability through reduced HRD resources.
  2. Reduce manpower turnover by retaining the best employees of the organisation
  3. Reduce HR costs by reducing both hiring and training costs for the new recruits by reducing manpower turnover
  4. Increased efficiency in process through an indirect impact on the organisation performance obtained through skills which are imparted and learnt in a brainstorming coaching session.
  5. Reduce stress by increasing focus and instilling confidence among the employees that they are monitored, cared for and groomed for bigger organisational responsibilities.
  6. Platform for voice. Employees can make their issues and concerns known and discussed in a free and frank way. This in turn helps to understand what the cause of their concerns is and what changes can be implemented in the organisational process so as to eradicate those concerns.
  7. Infuse change in management styles. Some micro managers can be infused with a sense of balance in their management styles so that they can become better managers.
  8. Help managers become leader and leaders become better leaders.