Personal Coaching

About Coaching

Success can be achieved in many different ways. It can be attained even without any kind of outside assistance. But the percentage of trained people achieving their goals is comparatively high than people trying on their own. This is because people doing things on their own follow trial & error method that requires lot of time & in today’s competitive world it doesnot help.

Coaching is a continuous process where a client & a coach can learn together. Coaching supports people to find solutions for the problems on their own which in turn build confidence to accept any kind of challenge. Coaching is gaining prominence as it teaches, trains & identifies the qualities, skills & excellence present in a person that is required to achieve goals. It constantly works on developing those skills & bring out the best from a person.

Personal Coaching

Coaching was the common term used only in Sports. It was believed that only athletics need coaches. On the other hand, students were provided with tutors who were also known as coaches for providing extra knowledge on a subject. The system of coaching was confined only to this level. But today, coaching has a opened doors for many other related issues like life coaching, personal coaching, parenting, business, etc.

Personal coaching is regarded as a relationship between a client & a coach where a client’s problem relating to his personal life is discussed. A client’s problems need not be related only to his family issues, but all other aspects where an client is involved which is affecting his personal & professional growth. A coach may use different techniques for assessing a client like discussions, in-depth questioning, past issues, inquiry, etc & develop appropriate methods of solving the problems to achieve success in personal as well as professional life.

Coaching Program

People often don’t realize the importance of coaching until they face some kind of problem. They more often try solving on their own as coaching involves cost. People are more concerned about saving money rather than leading a good life.

Personal coaching is not an easy task. It is a continuous learning process where both coach & the client learns different ways of facing an issue. A Personal coaching program should be designed in such a way that a client can help himself in understanding the situation & decide the best course of action. It should also facilitate a client to express his emotions, interests & goals clearly so that a coach can use alternate methods & strategies to provide support to the client.

Teaching Personal Coaching

Teaching students or clients on general issues requires minimal effort. Coaching a person on personal matters needs detailed attention & knowledge. Teaching techniques without the knowledge of what is required might have an adverse effect on a client’s life.

Personal coaching is mainly done through Telephone. Most of the time a coach & his client don’t have face-to-face discussions. It is necessary that a coach begins his teaching by focusing on basics before going for an in-depth analysis. A client is the ultimate person who decides on the action plans & the coach should provide all kind of assistance that is required in effective application of the action plans & in achieving their goals.

Lesson Plan

Since Personal coaching is done through telephonic conversation, a coach might not be available at all times to provide assistance & particularly in case of an emergency. Hence to overcome this obstacle, a well designed lesson plan acts as an referral in providing details on how to identify the problems, what corrective measures can be taken, when to use an alternative plan, where can a client seek help from, etc. A coach should teach his clients how to decide on choosing an alternative action plan in case the previous plan fails to provide effective results.

Basic Aspects

Life is not constant & everyday life keeps changing giving a new meaning & a different angle of view. People think life makes all the decision for them. But some people think they are the right owners to decide what they want from life. It is necessary to maintain a healthy balance in personal life to be more successful in professional life.

Though it seems that personal life is entirely different from professional life, they are two different faces of a same coin. Personal life can be disturbed or have an adverse effect from the problems arising in profession & vice versa. Hence is necessary to strike a balance between personal & professional life.

Personal coaching helps in identifying the importance of maintaining good relationships & developing appropriate strategies to tackle unseen contingencies that might destroy both personal & professional life of a person. Personal coaching is not any kind of psychological counseling or therapy. It helps people in identifying the factors that hold them back from achieving their goals. It helps people to realize how a change in their thinking & way of looking at an problem can bring in total control over their personal & professional life. It is necessary that a coach has a powerful influence on his clients so that he can help them in developing positive habits, better thinking ways, effective utilization of time & initiating appropriate action plans.

Coaching Institutions

  1. Feroce Institute of Personal Coaching
  2. iCoach Academy of Personal Coaching
  3. Center for Life & Personal Coaching
  4. Holistic Center for Personal Coaching
  5. Online Coaching Centers