Professional Music Technology Coaching

The technology, which deals with the specializing in drums, percussion instruments, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, recording systems, amplifiers, microphones and the sounds and light. Professional music technology coaching gives training in the fields of vocal areas and the uses of instruments and the manufacturing of instruments.

Since PMT is concerned with the musical area, the coach should be specialized as an instrumentalist or vocalist or composer or the master of music etc. This is a field where training the skills of the candidate is given more importance, since it is skill oriented field.

The coach should find out the aim of the candidate, and for the fulfillment of the aim, the coach should trace out the skills of the candidate. On the basis of this knowledge, the method of training should be decided. The coach needs to find out the areas where the candidate is weak and then give sufficient coaching. In the case of skilled candidates the job of a coach is to help in the development of the skills to its maximum.

The aim of coaching should be the providing of the advanced profile of the candidate through a personal study plan. As a result of effective training the candidate should be able to convince others about motivation and arguments for their choice of this field, as it is a skilled based field.

As mentioned above, professional music technology is a skilled based field, at the time of coaching, it is that important in making the candidates know about the field they can work with. The awareness about the fields of job opportunities, will act as a motivational catalyst and also help them to decided their path of career.

Some of the fields where coaching can be given are:

As a performing musician

As a music and arts educator

As a choir conductor or an organist

As a carillon player

As a musical entrepreneurship

A thorough explanation about the fields should be given because in each fields apart from it name it may have a lot more to do with. For example:

“under the performing musician category the talent of group performance is a must and you will be a part of a chamber music. Therefore the candidate can opt any of the positions like orchestra, chamber music, opera or singing, conductor etc.”

There are more highly skilled areas in the same field like composition, music production, music technology and sound design. In order to take a path of profession in this area, the candidate should processes a successfully completed bachelor’s degree in these field or in a similar courses. This is possible only with the guidance of a good coach who is aware about this.

As the field is skilled based, each candidate are to processes an independent method of working and an attitude towards developing the skills. The coach therefore have to maintain these qualities continually through tests. This will surely help the candidate in well-founded vision of the future. The training has to be made on the basis of the student’s vision on his/her future professional practice.

At the training time the coach should train the student to write down a study plan of their coaching where they will be able to outline their future prospects and study goals.