Relationship Coaching


Understanding people & their needs is quite a difficult task. Many-a-times, we have all the knowledge & skills required to be successful in any field but still many people cannot achieve it. Coaching is the right solutions for these kind of problems. It is a powerful device to achieve our goals. Effective coaching gives effectives results as it instructs people how become successful by providing proper guidance & motivation to achieve it. Coaching can be considered as a “friend in need” when people are at a position of not understanding what decision has to be taken.

Relationship Coaching

A relationship doesnot always mean a connection between two people. It can be between two concepts or objects. It is necessary to have a healthy relationship that is often not found in today’s world. There are many ways of learning how to have a healthy & strong relationship with the help of coaching institutions, books, DVD’s, therapy centers & also on-line guidance.

Relationship coaching is a service where individuals or couples are given advice with the help of different techniques to have a healthy, strong & ever lasting relations. It identifies the cause of break ups & focuses on solving the problems so that people may lead a happy & contended life.

Coaching Program

Maintaining relationships is very important. A relationship coaching program should not only identify the causes but also focus on methods of improving it. It should not merely concentrate on the past but instead lay its emphasis on the present action plans & the future.

When people are single, they always keep looking for having a relationship. When they are in a relation, they often don’t know how to keep it going. Most of the people are always in & out of relationships.

A well designed coaching program can provide tips on maintaining a relation for long period of time. The coach should know how to handle such situations. It is important that a coach should have knowledge about what his clients are exactly looking for.

Teaching Relationship

Teaching on relationship is not an easy task. It needs lot of patience. Before teaching, a coach must have all the information related to the clients before giving any kind of advice. He should know what he is teaching & whether he is giving correct advice because a wrong analysis can be more destructive.

Few generations ago, people never had any idea of break ups or divorce. They lead a happy & contended life. The scenario has changed. More than an advice, it has become a part of everyday’s life.

Today learning about relationships & teaching people how to maintain them has become a matter of concern. The need of constant coaching on the importance of family & living together has become an vital activity of life.

Lesson Plan

A guide provided simple answers to the complicated questions. A lesson plan is similar to it. While teaching on maintaining relations, a coach must train his candidates on how to analyze the problems & find appropriate solutions to it. It is necessary to teach when,  where & how a candidate has to use the techniques so that he can make his clients understand the importance of being together.

It is necessary for both the coach & the student to work together on achieving the goals. With the help of a good lesson plan this can be achieved.

Basic Aspect

In the past, Divorce was considered a rare & uncommon thing. People knew how to stay together in a family & everyone in the family followed it. Today the life style of the people has completely changed. Family has become a rare thing & divorce a most common household name. The necessity of teaching Relationship has gained importance & most of the families need it either to stay in a commitment or for the future of their children.

A relationship coaching can be though in different stages like

  1. identifying the past history on relationship & making an assessment about the preferences, needs & wants of a client
  2. teaching clients how to meet their life partners & getting them ready for an commitment
  3. getting to know more about the right relationship & taking proper decisions on compatibility issues
  4. how to communicate effectively with one another & identifying the obstacles that might arise in the future
  5. finally, developing mutual trust & support for one another.

Coaching Institutions

  1. Center for Right Relationship
  2. The Relationship Center
  3. NIH Training Center