Retirement Coaching


Change is an inevitable aspect of life. Getting into a new job, a new career or even retirement people don’t know where start from or whom to ask for. Coaching or coaches are the right people to assist. Coaches are the mentors who help people in identifying their strengths & weakness. Coaching provides helping hand in achieving the goals. It helps building self confidence & improves the morale of the person. With the help of proper coaching, people can achieve anything & everything that is considered to be impossible.

Retirement Coaching

Retirement was considered as end of life. People believed that retirement is an clear indication that all the achievements & reforms made by them will be forgotten as young & new blood will take over. It was also considered that a retiring person is one who has one foot in the grave. Today, this notion has changed & taken an entirely new definition. Retirement is not any more considered as end of life but as a new beginning.

Along with retirement, lot of questions are attached with it. People don’t know what to do after retirement. Retirement doesnot mean people have to go back & follow the tradition that was once followed by their father’s & grandfather’s. They need to know how to spend their time, what activities can be done, where to go, how to cope up with this new life style, etc. A proper Retirement Coaching helps them in realizing what best they can do to lead a normal & happy life. Retirement coaching not only helps people what to do after retirement but also trains them how to teach others about life after retirement.

Coaching Programs

Coaching programs are very essential for the people who retire or taken retirement. It provides in depth knowledge on spending time that seems too boring. Though the old idea about retirement is still among some of the people, these coaching programs helps them to see the world in a different way. They must be designed in such a way that it educates people how beautiful life is away from hectic, regular, routine job. Coaching program should encourage people on the new life that is about to begin & how they need to prepare themselves to face it.

Teaching On Retirement

Retirement was given to people at the age of 65 years. Today, this has changed & the average age considered for retirement is 57 years. This is not followed everywhere. Young people working in an organization once attaining few years of experience opt for retirement & start their own business or company.

People who go through retirement must be thought how to spend their time, what they have to do with the monetary benefits they get after retirement, how to lead a quality life, etc. It is necessary to teach them that retirement gives full freedom to enjoy life by spending quality time with the family, physical fitness, leisure to do all that which was not able to do while in the job.

Retirement Plan

Just like people who change their jobs need assistance from a career consultant, people retiring from their jobs also needs assistance on different aspects related to it. A retirement plan should provide effective knowledge on what to do with the retirement benefits, where to invest it & how to lead a happy life.

Many people don’t know how to live a happy & healthy life after retirement. Their lives are almost filled with fear about future & lacks commitment & the purpose of living. They might have planned about the finances & investments but not on their personal life. A coach must teach how a retiree can lead a contended life.

Coaching Benefits

Many people spend time on how to save money or busy with planning for an vacation. They might have not spent much time on planning for retirement. Many people opt for retirement with little or no idea of what to do next. Coaching helps them to know what to do.

Coaching helps individuals to identify what are the major concerns after retirement. It helps people to recognize their strengths & weakness on planning for retirement. It teaches how to prepare a self retirement plan that can be used at later time.

Coaching provides a clear picture on the current position & the life after retirement. It helps in avoiding mistakes that can be committed by preparing own plans. Professional coaching helps individuals to analyze the exact position on life after retirement.

Coaching Institutions

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  2. Contemporary Retirement Coaching
  3. Retirement 360
  4. on-line Coaching