Sales Coaching

About Coaching

Facing a competitive world without any knowledge could be dangerous. People who have talent, skills, potential to achieve always like to be perfect in their field of work. Coaching helps in achieving it. Coaching or Coaches are referred as mentors who help in directing us in the right path. It not only helps in building confidence, it also makes a candidate strong enough to face the challenges. Proper coaching is the only way to attain the path of success.

Sales Coaching

As the name says, Sales coaching seems quite simple. It is a process where a salesperson is trained to convince potential customers to buy the products. Sales coaching is not just making more sales. A salesperson should never force any consumer to purchase the goods. It involves various aspects like how to impress an person to make the sales, what skills a salesperson should use, what factors to be highlighted which ultimately results in purchase, how to use his body language, etc.

A candidate who is trained in these skills can only become a successful Salesperson. Training can be obtained from various institutions, through seminars, manuals written by experts & also through On-line coaching.

Coaching Program

Coaching programs includes a number of aspects that helps in growth & development of a successful candidate. A good coaching program stresses out the key aspects that help the candidates to understand easily. Coaching programs must lay its emphasis on providing both personal & organizational development. A coach must make his candidates realize their potentials & encourage them to achieve their goals.

Teaching Sales

While teaching a candidate how to create a successful sale, the coach must be able to teach in simple language that helps the candidates to grasp the aspects clearly. It is also  important to teach each topic in detail & in an order. The coach must clearly state how to start an conversation, hold on to the interest of the customer, stressing the key points, answer precisely to the queries & how to close a deal.

Mere understanding & learning of these points does not create a good candidate. It is also important to teach the candidate how to dress, how to greet a customer, how to present himself, when to pause & mainly the candidate should know complete information about the product before presenting it in front of the customer.

Lesson Plan

Lesson plan acts as a reference to the candidates. The coach should clearly state the pros & cons of a sales deal so that it helps students to know when to begin, where to wait for replies & how to proceed. It is important to layout the details properly so that the candidates can easily understand the problems & difficulties & helps them to perform better which in turn reduces the chance of failures.

Basic Aspects

Apart from teaching the art of beginning & closing a deal, Sales Coaching must also teach other related aspects like Planning, telesales, innovation, Accounting, Time Management & effective Communication. A candidate must be able to plan the timing properly & communicate clearly so that the people can understand. He/she themselves must not have any kind of doubts about the product they want to sell. A candidate must very innovative & learn how to attract customers to make a successful deal.

Coaching Instituions

  1. Janek Performance Group
  2. Richardson Institute of Coaching
  3. Coaches Learning Center