Soccer Coaching

About Coaching

Coaching can be defined in many different ways but the sole purpose is to provide knowledge, help & encouragement. Every problem has a solution & nothing is impossible. Coaching helps in realizing the values, skills, strategies & goals that are difficult for a common person to decide. Coaching helps us to lead a balanced life by lowering our stress levels & increasing confidence.

Soccer Coaching

Soccer is a game of complete fun & strength. This game is best suited for youngsters & youth. Soccer is game of control & coordination. It is great cardiovascular workout. This game requires a lot of concentration as players need to focus on the ball as well as the opponent player.

Soccer being considered as one of the most prestigious game, it is necessary for a coach to teach the basic aspects related with the game like passing the ball, juggling, defending post, tackling, attacking, etc. Though the game is not easy to play, it has glamour, fame & money that attracts people to be apart of this world.

Soccer becoming a popular game, the coaching centers have been opened all over the world. Many countries that never knew what the game is about, has now started schools to be a part of it. Soccer coaching is given for both girls & boys as young as 4 years old. Exclusive training, warm ups & exercises are a part of daily routine.

Coaching Program

A coaching program is designed to provide knowledge on different aspects of the game in a simple language. It not only provides tips, rules, tactics & techniques of the game but also concentrates on over all development of the student. The coach is required to pay more attention to the skills of the student & emphasize on nurturing it.

Teaching Soccer

Proper teaching is very important for a student to excel. The responsibility of the coach will be higher as he should be aware of what he is teaching. Teaching & learning go hand-in-hand. A coach should not only provide information about the game but also listen what the candidate is saying & what are his requirements.

The responsibility of the coach does not end here. He should teach the basic play as well as defensive methods. A candidate must be thought how to play the game as a team & help each other in achieving the win. All terms associated with the game has to be explained in detail so that the student can understand better about the game.

Soccer – Basic Rules

Rules also called as the Laws are different for each game & also depends on who is playing it.  When boys play a game, the rules are different from the rules when girls play it. Similarly, rules are changes when kids are involved.

Some of the general adjustments or the rules that are change are like Field size, duration of the game, penalty strokes, size of the ball, etc varies according to the age group. It is necessary that a coach explains these points clearly. Its also important that the coach gives a clear view on:

1.      What is meant by Foul play

2.      How to defend opponents goal

3.      What does a Card shown by the umpire means

4.      When is it safe to tackle the ball.

5.      What does a Free kick mean

6.      When is a goal scored

Soccer Positions

Giving information on how the game is played, it is also necessary to know how many players are involved in the game. As per the rules of the game, each team has 11 players. Under-14 games can be even played with as few as 7 players.

Different names are used to define players at different levels like Forward, Center Forward, Midfielder, Left & Right Forward, Fullbacks, Goalkeeper, Stopper & Sweeper.

Coaching Tips

Apart from teaching on field, a coach must also encourage students to read game related books, experts opinions, related Magazines, handouts & DVD’s. It is also necessary that students closely observe the game played by seniors & learn the techniques & styles. A coach should encourage students to attend special lectures or sessions conducted by Former & expert players. This will help them to gain more knowledge about the game.

Coaching Institutions

  1. Arsenal Academy for Soccer, Kerala
  2. Premier India Football Academy
  3. KFANDRA Football & Rugby Academy.