Sports Coaching

About Coaching

Coaching is an integral part of any sports. It is necessary to know all the rules & skills required to play a game. Coaching provides knowledge about the game in a bigger sense that helps to build confidence in students. It not only prepares a candidate for the learning the sport but also helps in over all development. Coaching provide support that is required by students to achieve success.

Sports Coaching

Sports coaching refers to training of candidates in different kinds of sports like basketball, football, tennis, cricket, hockey, baseball, table tennis, etc. Each sport has its own rules & methods of playing it. People aspiring for a career in any kind of sports requires proper training. It is responsibility of the coach to provide complete information associated with the sport the candidate wishes to learn. Coaching is conducted at different levels for kids, youth & adults. They are classified into different age categories before starting a coaching program. Students can also learn about the game with the help of Books, Sports magazines, Expert’s Reviews, CD’s, etc.

Sports Coaching Program

It is important that a coach learns about his students before providing with any kind of a coaching program. A coach should know what are the requirements of the candidate & teach them accordingly. A coach should be able to differentiate between the candidates who already have some knowledge about the sport & students who are totally new to it. Students are required to specify what are their interests, which sport they would like to learn, what skills they already have, etc so that it helps a coach in deciding what methods & techniques can be used in providing effective training.

Teaching Sports

Proper teaching is very essential for any sport. Students should be able to understand what the coach is saying. Hence it is necessary that a coach should be clear & precise in explaining about the game.

A coach should impart knowledge in such a way that it creates interest in the candidates to learn more. He should create right environment for learning. It is also necessary that a coach should motivate his students to pursue further. To build confidence in students about the coach, he has to perform different roles like a mentor, a friend, a helping hand, guide, supervisor, leader, etc. A coach should divide the teaching process into different stages so that it helps students to understand better.

Basic Skills

To perform well students need to have some basic skills. These can be developed through proper training. To provide effective training a coach should also possess some skills like:

  1. how to communicate precisely & effectively
  2. what different techniques & methods can be used
  3. able to give advice on safety methods
  4. how to reduce or avoid accidents, injury, etc
  5. help student in overall development
  6. implement appropriate teaching methods & principles
  7. enlightening on food & nutritional requirements
  8. knowledge on relaxing & health maintenance
  9. following legal rules & regulations
  10. evaluating students performance

Roles Of A Coach

The role of a coach changes at every stage & the coach should be able to cope up with the students requirements. A coach cannot act as a friend all the time. He needs to behave according to the demands of the game.

When the student is new to the world of sports, a coach should a play as an Autocrat i.e he has to provide complete information on all the aspects of teaching & should have control over the student. When a student develops his skills & is able to understand the technicalities of the game, a coach’s has to play a Democratic role where both coach & the student discuss together on the required training methods. When a student achieves sound knowledge about the game & training rules, he’ll be able to decide himself what training is required & which can be avoided. Here the coach role changes to a adviser & is required to provide support as & when a student needs.

Coaching Institutions

  1. The Sports Coaching Foundation
  2. Volunteer Adventures for Sports Coaching
  3. MCSC Education & Development
  4. Online Coaching

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