Ssb Coaching


Success does not come easily. People aspiring to be experts in any field needs proper training. Coaching provides better view & support as it clearly states the strategies & plans required for achieving the goals. A coaching method may very from each coach but they all have one single motive i.e achieving the desired goals in a proper organized & planned way. Coaching not only provides confidence & support but also provides satisfaction about career, personal growth, creativity, etc that in turn improves work quality & better living standards.


The word SSB is heard many a times but people don’t know what exactly is SSB. Service Selection Board, in short SSB is a interview process held for the candidates who want to make a career in Defence Services of the country. SSB is unique in its own way. It is not similar to any ordinary examination. It has its own standards & requirements that needs to be achieved & hence requires proper teaching. Students aspiring to become a part of this academy can seek help from the schools that are specially meant for Defence Services.

SSB Program

SSB training is required for all the candidate getting into defence services. This interview method is entirely different from other exams. It is based on leadership qualities of a candidate. This was first initiated in US Army that was later adopted in India also. Understanding SSB & its methods is not easy & therefore proper training is very essential. A candidate is required to answer questions on different subjects like Mathematics, English, General knowledge & Comprehension. It is the responsibility of the coach to give in depth knowledge about the process involved.

Teaching SSB

Training is essential for candidates who desire for a career in Defence forces. Both men & women can take up the training. SSB requires certain specific qualities in a candidate like fitness, leadership, alertness, decision making, courage, planning, co-operation, concentration, capacity to work under pressures, etc & this can be achieved with proper teaching.

Teaching & training is a part of the program. It cannot be assumed that every student who goes under training can get into defence jobs. The selection process has different stages to be cleared by the candidates. Hence it is necessary that a coach provides all the information about the steps involved & how a candidate can be successfully placed in his choice of job.

Lesson Plan

It is important for a candidate to understand what are the prerequisites required to achieve success in any of the fields. A candidate should have knowledge about the skills & qualities that are required to get selected. A coach should know what methods & techniques he is using in training a candidate. It is also necessary that both the candidate & the coach communicate openly so that they can understand each other well. This helps in getting precise information required for successful completion of the selection program. A well versed lesson plan comes in handy as it gives complete information on what, when, how, where & whom to depend on for any kind of assistance required.

Basic Format

SSB scheme which was basically started in US army was later used for selecting candidates for all three Defence jobs i.e Army, Navy & Air force. SSB involves four different stages of interviewing a candidate namely:

  1. Psychological test
  2. Group Officer’s Testing Test
  3. Personal Interview and
  4. Medical Test

Every candidate has to clear the first three stages to be confined for Medical examination. Three different Examiners evaluate each student separately. Selection of a candidate is very comprehensive & therefore the opinion of all the three Evaluators is important. On the final day, the candidate is asked few questions & finally based on the consensus of all three evaluators, a candidate’s personality is judged. Candidates are required to obtain minimum prescribed marks to be eligible for selection. The selection board doesnot fix what percentage of candidates has to be selected. It is purely based on the individual’s performance. Selected candidates are sent ahead for Medical examination & are finally declared as eligible for selection.

Coaching Institutions

  1. National Defence Academy
  2. Officer’s Training Academy
  3. Indian Military Academy

Other coaching institutions can also be found at

1.      SSB Coaching Center, Lucknow

2.      SSB Coaching & Training Center, Chandigarh

3.      Amity SSB Academy

4.      Sainik School of Coaching, Coimbatore.