Table Tennis Coaching

About Coaching

To start any career it is important to have knowledge about it. Coaching is the stepping stone of success. Coaching helps in seeking elicit solutions to the problems. It helps in understanding all the aspects right from the root & how to convert them into success. Coaching not increases the performance of a candidate but also inspires them to achieve the impossible.

TT Coaching

Table Tennis or TT, also called as Ping Pong is an indoor game similar to Tennis. It is played with small bat & a small ball on a Rectangle table. Though Ping pong seems to be a simple game, there are a lot of aspects involved to be learnt by a student like strokes, styles, drills, strategies, etc. It is important for a coach to teach all these aspects. Students aspiring to be champions can take up special coaching classes, refer Instruction Manuals from experts, DVD’s , Animated movies & also On-line teaching.

Table Tennis Coaching Program

Every game has its own rules & procedures to play. Here a candidate is required to expertise in every skill to become a champion. The Coach should know the requirements of the candidates. Different learning tips have to be provided time to time so that it helps candidate to excel the game. The Coach should be able to identify the strengths & weakness of the candidate & train him accordingly.

Teaching TT

Before starting any teaching class, it is necessary that the coach has complete knowledge about the game. The Coach should be aware of the rules, techniques, strategies & tactics he is teaching to a candidate. This helps a candidate to learn & understand better.

The Coach should explain all the aspects related with the game clearly like Fast Push, Block, Smash, Counter, Spin, Serve, Drills, Style & Footwork which helps the students to quickly grasp & understand the game.

TT Lesson Plan

A lesson plan acts as a hand guide in teaching the candidates. A good lesson plan helps candidates get better knowledge about the game as it give a clear view of how, when & where a game should be played.

A lesson plan not only helps candidates but also help Coach to know what he has teach, how & what techniques help candidates learn better. Once this being clear, then achieving the goal is not too far.

Basic Rules

Rules vary from game to game. It is necessary that the Coach is aware of all the basic rules associated with the game. Only a well versed coach can provide good training to his students. Without the knowledge about the basics, a candidate cannot learn the game to its best.

The Coach must make sure he has though all the basic rules such as:

  1. The order of Serving the ball
  2. How many serves each player can do
  3. How to receive a serve
  4. When is game called off
  5. How the points are awarded
  6. What is meant by Out of order of Serving
  7. Who wins the game.

TT Positions

TT can played in singles or doubles. The Coach must train his students on the position & method of the play beforehand. The game will be played for the best of the three or best of the five games. As any other game, TT also begins with a toss & the winner gets his chance to select the side & choice to serve or receive serve from his opponent. The ball will be positioned at 45 degree in the hand & the serve will be clear & visible to both the player & the umpire.

Training Institutions

  1. College of Physical Education, Anantapur(AP)
  2. National Institute for Table Tennis, Delhi
  3. Bangalore Sports Authority, Bangalore.